Facebook Confirms The Launch Of 15-Second, Auto Playing Premium Video Ads

After testing in December 2013, Facebook has now confirmed that it is working with a selected group of advertisers for introducing the Premium Video Ads.



Close on the heels of signing up a $100 million ad deal with one of the largest advertising agency Omnicom to be introduced on Instagram, Facebook has now announced the launch of the anticipated Premium Video Ads with a select group of advertisers.

According to Facebook, the 15-second video ad will start playing without sound as it appears on-screen and stop if people scroll past. If people tap the video, it will expand into a full-screen view and play sound.

These Premium Video Ads will be measured the same way how advertisers already buy and measure ads on TV. The ads would be bought based on Targeted Gross Rating Points to reach a specific audience and delivery would be measured by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), and advertisers only pay based on what Nielsen OCR measures.

While it is acknowledged by the Facebook managers that introduction of  too many ads on the network has limited or negligible impact, but Facebook is working with Ace Metrix to strike a balance. Ace Metrix will assess how engaging the creative is for each ad — before it appears on Facebook.

Ace Metrix will measure the creative quality of the video in the Facebook environment, and highlight performance indicators for advertisers such as watchability, meaningfulness and emotional resonance so that Facebook maintains the quality and advertisers also achieve maximum returns.

Facebook users would witness the ads appearing on their news feed in the coming months.

Back in mid-December last year, Facebook rolled out a testing cycle for autoplaying videos for ad units in the News Feed for desktop and mobile. This came into existence right after Facebook’s trial of autoplaying non-ad video content on both the web and mobile.

According to Facebook autoplaying videos have seen engagement in terms of views, likes and shares on mobile and desktop increase over 10 percent versus the non autoplaying kind since it started testing them back in September.

The next earnings call from Facebook would define the fate of Premium Video Ads. For now get ready to see auto playing video ads and with the one column News Feed design update, the ads will definitely catch more eyeballs but at the same time exclusive content will also define the success of such ads.

Apparently, with the introduction of Premium Video Ads, Facebook has locked horns with TV for reach and returns.