APAC Marketers Increasingly Adopting Programmatic, Facebook Buys VR Audio Company Two Big Ears

Global digital news - About 41% of senior marketing professionals in APAC have already adopted programmatic buying, Facebook announced it acquired Two Big Ears, a spatial audio technology company, and more

Facebook responds to Senate inquiry on Trending Topics: Today, Colin Stretch, Facebook’s General Counsel, posted that Facebook also met with Chairman of the US Senate Committee John Thune to address the open issues of the inquiry that was opened two weeks ago.

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane: Thomas Cook Airline has launched #CatsOnAPlane, a campaign featuring a team of furry testers trying out Thomas Cook Airline’s newly refurbished fleet. The animals were used to test the interiors of both Thomas Cook Airlines’ planes and those from sister airline, Condor, playing on the perception of them being creatures of comfort. The filming involved a 24-hour shoot with 10 cats – each with their own distinct personality – on an Airbus A330 and Boeing 767 at Manchester airport.

Adobe takes the first steps to bring its Marketing Cloud into virtual reality: Adobe’s Marketing Cloud sees the writing on the wall. And the wall, it turns out, is built in virtual reality. The tech giant has announced, for the first time, that it is supporting virtual reality media in its Marketing Cloud, initially in Primetime and Analytics.

Chewbacca Mask viral video drives sales for Kohl’s, others: It’s the most popular Facebook Live video so far — yep, easily beating out that goofy Buzzfeed watermelon video — and it’s throwing cold water on the idea that social/viral marketing can’t drive e-commerce sales.

Threesome Dating App 3nder Responds to Tinder’s Lawsuit With a Smelly Campaign: On Monday, the two-year-old app launched an odd effort called #Tindersuckmysocks, encouraging Internet users to take a picture of their socks and share the image and the hashtag via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sock it to ’em, indeed.

APAC marketers increasingly adopting programmatic: About 41 percent of senior marketing professionals in Asia Pacific have already adopted programmatic buying into their media buying processes, with Australia (48 percent), Japan (46 percent) and Singapore (46 percent) leading as the most mature markets in the region. Of these, 82 percent are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their investment in programmatic technology, indicating that marketers are benefiting and getting returns from their programmatic adoption.

Facebook ditches Bing, 800M users now see its own AI text translations: In 2011 it started working with Microsoft Bing to power translations, but has since bene working to transition to its own system. In December 2015, Facebook finally completed the shift, and now exclusively uses its own translation tech.

Facebook just made it easier to live stream your kittens indefinitely: The social network is unveiling a new continuous video tool that lets publishers broadcast streams for hours on end.

Facebook Live lets you skip to the good part: Now Facebook tells it’s putting reactions to work to power a visualized timeline of when a Live video receives the most engagement. When you go to fast-forward through the recorded replay of a Live clip, you’ll see the graph of reaction volume overlaid on the progress bar. Essentially, you’ll be able to see when the video gets interesting and skip there if you want.

Facebook buys VR audio company Two Big Ears, debuts ‘Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation’: Today Facebook announced it acquired Two Big Ears, a spatial audio technology company, for an undisclosed sum. Now part of Facebook, Two Big Ears’ Spatial Workstation has been repackaged and rebranded as the free “Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation.” Two Big Ears says support for its paid licenses will be wound down in the next 12 months.