Adobe to acquire TubeMogul for $540 million, Facebook buys CrowdTangle

World digital news of the day - Adobe has agreed to acquire TubeMogul for approximately USD540 million net of debt and cash, Facebook today announced that it has purchased CrowdTangle, a 4-year-old tool that publishers use to track how content spreads around the web, and more

Zuckerberg claims 99% of Facebook posts “authentic,” denies fake news there influenced election: In case you missed it, last night Mark Zuckerberg published a response to accusations that “fake news” on Facebook influenced the outcome of the U.S. election, and helped Donald Trump to win. The CEO claimed that at least 99% of news content on Facebook was “authentic.”

ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas with Tinkletons: ALDI Australia is running an integrated advertising campaign connecting the down-under Christmas experience with Aldi’s luxury range of delicious tiger prawns, garlic butter lobster tails, half leg hams, fudge and much, much more. The ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas theme, launched in 2012 with the Surfing Santas, has been brought back to the fore with the arrival of the Tinkletons, a family surf per enthusiastic Americans who are convinced that their Christmas is better than the Aussie experience.

How The New York Times tailors push notifications for international markets: Whenever The New York Times breaks a big story, within 24 hours, 60 percent of all global traffic to that story typically comes via push notifications, particularly if it breaks over a weekend. That’s not due to the magnitude of the news alone but a carefully crafted push-alerts strategy executed by a dedicated 11-person team in the U.S. Now, the publisher is ramping up how it tailors push notifications to be more locally relevant to its international markets, starting with the U.K. and Australia.

Adobe to acquire TubeMogul for $540 million: Adobe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TubeMogul for approximately USD540 million net of debt and cash. Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will commence a cash tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of TubeMogul for USD 14 per share.

Zenith launches automation in digital planning: Zenith has developed a new system of automation for digital planning that it claims delivers significant improvement in effectiveness for marketers. Over the past six months a taskforce of data scientists and strategists from Zenith has been developing sophisticated automation of digital planning using the network’s machine-learning technology and bespoke algorithms.

Facebook Messenger launches its public group chat feature “Rooms” in select markets: Facebook’s experiment with semi-anonymous social networking centered around interests, via a standalone app called Rooms, failed. But the learnings from that earlier experiment have now popped up in Facebook’s Messenger application as a new feature called Rooms, which is rolling out now in select markets.

Les Sauveteurs en Mer Mermaid: French Maritime Rescue Organization SNSM (Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer) is running “The Mermaid” (La Sirène), an animated commercial, inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale “The Little Mermaid” and the 1989 Disney film of the same name. Les Sauveteurs en Mer Mermaid is the story of a young mermaid, alone in the depths of the sea, pining for a charming prince to spend her life with.

Inside FT Labs, the Financial Times’ skunkworks: Like many publishers, The Financial Times used to treat its error page as an afterthought. Readers would land on when an article couldn’t be found. It was polite and had utilitarian value, but was drab and lacked personality.

Fatal Facebook fail kills two million users including Mark Zuckerberg: Across the globe, more than two million users faced an untimely demise with the site installing a banner at the top of some profile home pages declaring the death of people, including founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook buys CrowdTangle, the tool publishers use to win the internet: Facebook today announced that it has purchased CrowdTangle, a 4-year-old tool that publishers use to track how content spreads around the web, for an undisclosed sum. By showing its subscribers a kind of real-time pulse of the web, CrowdTangle has developed an outsized but mostly hidden influence on the stories you see popping up in your news feeds throughout the day.

5 charts: The state of Instagram advertising: In upcoming years, Instagram’s ad revenue is projected to take off as it becomes a larger part of Facebook’s overall business. Agencies are increasingly turning to the platform and diversifying their spend as Instagram rolls out new products. And although Snapchat has emerged as a threat, Instagram’s projected revenues still significantly exceed their competition.

Donald Trump says Facebook and Twitter ‘helped him win’: Mark Zuckerberg has spent the days since Donald Trump was voted in as 45th president of the United States downplaying Facebook’s role in the election, but that position may be harder to maintain now, as Trump himself has identified Facebook as a key element in helping him secure victory. “The fact that I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc,” Trump said.