Facebook Business Manager – A Tool For Advertisers To Manage Ad Accounts, Pages, Apps And Permissions

Facebook Business Manager is a new tool that lets large advertisers manage all of their ad accounts, Pages, apps, and permissions from one place.

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Facebook recently revealed during its Q1 2014 earnings call that the total ad revenue hit $2.27 billion, up 82% from a year ago. To make life simpler for two of its most valuable revenue sources: agencies and enterprise users, Facebook has launched Business Manager at business.facebook.com, a new tool that lets large advertisers manage all of their ad accounts, Pages, apps, and permissions from one place.

Reported by TNW, the Business Manager is currently available to a “limited number” of US advertisers, but the company says it plans to roll out internationally “within a few weeks.”

With this new roll out Facebook is stating that it is simplifying the marketing efforts of an agency or enterprise. Business Manager integrates all your Facebook advertising campaign management efforts into one tool.

Business Manager (BM) works differently for an individual advertising unit, if you are an agency working for some other client.

If you’re advertising for yourself – then the BM will show all the pages, ad accounts and apps linked to the specified brand. One can also view the assigned people and agency list along with their designated roles. The feature also pulls out external partners, like agencies or Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), with access to your Pages, ad accounts and apps.

Facebook Business Manager Enterprise

If you are an agency or PMD then BM will pull out all the Pages, ad accounts and apps that your clients have allowed you to access, as well as the people on your teams who have access to them. In short you have a complete snapshot of the apps, pages, and more that you and others have access to.

Facebook Business Manager Agency

BM also provides complete and quick control aspects of your business on Facebook. You can add or delete ad accounts linked to your company. Besides you can grant/revoke permission to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, apps and Pages.

Facebook Business Manager Agency Revoke

Addition of new people to ad accounts and Pages have been simplified for the admins with just one click operation. For employees and external partners, BM makes it easy to find the things they’re working on.

BM also takes care that people are able to keep their personal and business experiences on Facebook separate. People can use their Facebook login to access all the ad accounts and Pages they work on, without having to be friends with other people from work to gain access.

Facebook BM definitely looks like a one stop operation for all your Facebook page management needs.