Facebook brings new ‘instant video’ feature for Messenger, ‘Don’t Catch and Drive,’ Says Esurance

Global digital news of the day - Facebook Messenger is now getting a very Snapchat-like new feature: instant video, imaginary Pokemon characters remind motorists not to play the distracting game in Esurance campaign, and more

Twitter adds new ways to monetize live video via Periscope: Twitter announced a new monetization option today, adding live Periscope content to its monetization options, which lets approved creators and brands earn a share of ad revenue on their media posts.

Virgin Active puts its staff centre stage in new campaign promoting array of expertise: Virgin Active is marketing the range of staff expertise it has to offer in a new campaign aimed at highlighting the pivotal role they can play in helping people achieve their goals. ‘We’ve got a Squad for that’ campaign shows a line-up of real life staff, from fitness coaches to receptionists and yoga instructors, and promotes the idea that they can make customers feel “unstoppable”.

Wendy’s Tells the Sad-Funny Stories of Unworthy Foods Banned From the Baconator: Burger chain Wendy’s ‘The Baconator’ promises no frozen beef, no microwaved bacon and no vegetables whatsoever and it’s conveying these messages with a trio of bizarre short stories with talking meat and veggies. In “Microwaves Are a Dealbreaker,” a cute, upwardly mobile fresh meat patty is trying to find “a meaningful connection with the right applewood smoked bacon.

KnowNo raises awareness about sexual consent: Creative directors at MARC USA in Chicago have launched an initiative ‘KnowNo’ to raise awareness around what “no” means as it relates to sexual consent. In the “KnowNo” video spot, several women and a man are lying in beds or on couches in public places, seemingly passed out next to a sign that says “If I can’t say no. I can’t say yes.”

‘Don’t Catch and Drive,’ Says Esurance and Its Fun Cast of Car-Crash Pokemon: Esurance and agency Leo Burnett imagined some new Pokemon characters for its “Don’t Catch and Drive” campaign, reminding motorists not to play the distracting smartphone game between the wheel. You can walk and catch, or drive and not catch, but driving and catching together can lead to disastrous results—like running into the unfortunately not-very-rare Fenderbendix.

Facebook clones Snapchat once again with new ‘instant video’ feature for Messenger: Messenger is now getting a very Snapchat-like new feature: instant video. Messenger already includes video calling, but, acknowledging that this is often saved for “special occasions,” Facebook has added a new broadcast option that sits above a text conversation inside the messaging app.