[Episode 2] Digital Marketing updates: Facebook bans Pages sharing fake news from buying ads

This week's digital marketing episode is about Facebook banning Pages sharing fake news from buying ads, Google launching the ad-sense user first beta program, and WhatsApp for business starts rolling out

Lighthouse Insights is producing weekend video shows on the major developments around social networks and digital marketing. Updates beneficial to marketers, here is this week’s episode.

The major developments are:

Facebook bans Pages sharing fake news from buying ads: Earlier this year Facebook introduced third party fact checker to stop fake news. But the policy didn’t work properly and it didn’t stop fake news publishers in using Facebook to drive traffic. Now Facebook is extending the penalty and it will block pages who repeatedly publish fake news from buying ads. Read more here.

Google launches ad-sense user first beta program: Earlier this week Google sent limited invites to AdSense and Admob publishers for the beta program. The program is aimed for publishers who prioritize user experience. The goal of this program is to drive more revenues for publishers with fewer effective ads. Read more here.

Whatsapp for business starts rolling out: Whatsapp is working with businesses in giving them verified profiles. Last week Factor Daily reported that the messaging platform has rolled out the same with BookMy Show, OLA, and OYO Rooms. Read more here.