Facebook Asked To Remove Fake Photos Of Gangrape Victim

About Facebook being asked by Kerala Police to delete fake photos of Delhi Gangrape victim that are being circulated on Facebook.

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facebook logoAccording to Firstpost India, Kerala Police has raised a complaint before Facebook to delete fake photos of the Delhi gang-rape victim. The complaint was registered by the parents of a young girl whose photographs are being falsely used as the victim of the Delhi gang-rape and being circulated on the social networking site such as Facebook.

The news has been confirmed by N Vinayakumaran Nair, assistant commissioner of police, who heads the Hi-Tech Crime Enquiry Cell. As told to IANS, Mr. Nair clarified that they have already written to Facebook about the activity and assured that the matter would be resolved soon.

However, while writing the story I could still see such content being shared by Facebook users.

The Delhi gang-rape today is a nationwide protest which doesn’t need any more mentions. We all are aware what has happened and what is happening with the case right now. But what is more painful is to see such content where people are using fake images of others and addressing them as the victim in order to get  more comments and shares. Since the real victim’s identity has been kept a secret for security reasons so there is a great deal of curiosity. Moreover, others are also joining the move knowingly or unknowingly by sharing and commenting on it without checking facts. In other words, they are helping the creators in getting the content more talked about.

So, it is an earnest request that we should stop commenting or sharing on such fake posts that are being circulated just to make it viral. It would be better if users start reporting on their own about such content to Facebook also. To report to Facebook just click on the Options menu on the picture and select Report/Remove tag. Next click on the option that best justifies the content and submit the complaint. In addition, you can also inform the person or the page admin who is originally circulating the content.

These are some of the downfalls of social networking sites but as users we can take action and prevent such content from going viral.