Facebook App Center [Review]

A review article on Facebook App Center [Review]


Facebook has finally launched its much-awaited Facebook App Center. Recently I had shared that Facebook that has been strengthening its mobile strategy 2012 onwards, had been working on this in the similar lines like Google and Apple. So lets check out the Facebook App Center and find out if it is how cool.

The Facebook App Center, which is a collection of web and mobile apps have been categorized in the same way. The entire app section has been divided into three – All, Web and Mobile.

All: This section could be termed as the home. It is a collection of all the apps i.e. web and mobile. The section is further divided into “Recommended Apps” and “Friends Apps”. Both being a necessity, I like the “Recommended Apps” as it is a personalized app recommendation. “Friends Apps” as the name suggests is a list of the apps that are being used by your Facebook Friends.

Facebook App center

Along with this the page also provides a list of “Top Rated”, “Trending” and “Top Grossing” apps that is really handy. “Top Rated” is a list of highly rated and most used apps. Similarly “Trending” provides a list of apps that are growing rapidly and “Top Grossing” is a list of apps that are being purchased most.

Facebook app center

Web and Mobile app sections have a similar look and feel as the home screen has. Besides this the App Center has listed categories such as Games, Lifestyle, etc. so that you can easily look for apps based on commonly used categories.

As it was announced earlier that every app would have it’s own personalized page, which is somewhat similar to existing Facebook profiles. The apps have a cover page, required information about the app and a prominent display of the ratings of the app. The page also provides you to set how you would like the world to know about your activities in the App Center.

Facebook app center

In addition to all these features, Facebook App Center also features the app “Requests” that are sent to you by your friends. It is a notification for all the app requests and invites you have received from your Facebook friends.

How is it different from other app stores?

With Apple’s App Store being home to more than 500,000 apps followed by Google Play hosting 450,000 apps, this move by Facebook is not really much different. The first look of the App Center is similar to App Store and Google Play. The only difference is that Facebook App Center is a go to place for Social Apps. And I think that is going to be a big differentiator in today’s times. It is like Facebook drawing a clear line, either you are social or you are not.

Facebook App Center is big news for developers and for users too. So what are your reactions about the Facebook App Center?