Facebook And FICCI Select Six Cities To Boost SMB Boost Program

A article on Facebook And FICCI selecting six cities to boost their SMB Boost Program in the next eight months starting from July.

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facebook parnters with FICCI
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Facebook that had recently tied with Federation Of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) for the “SMB Boost Program”, has selected six cities in India to woo the SME’s reports Business Standard.

The social network giant which is the biggest network in India, also considers the country to be quite important for it’s business. To grow it’s marketing arm, it had tied up with Federation Of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) few months ago and launched the “SMB Boost” program. The tie up, shared here earlier, was to boost the country’s local business sector or the Small and Medium business enterprises (SME).

According to Business Standard, the tie up is taking shape and the program is going to run for the next eight months starting from July in six cities. Similar programs have been previously organized in countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Europe. For now, out of the six locations, the ones that have been selected are Hyderabad and Faridabad. The program that promises to make SME’s aware of the platform and to use it to their benefits, will offer $50 advertising grant. Additionally, with the advertising grant,  Facebook plans to provide self-help toolkits, resource guides and modules, which would help SME’s to leverage Facebook.

Will the move be beneficial for SME’s?

Considering the 49 million users on Facebook, the move is beneficial for both Facebook and the SME’s of India. Through the program,  Facebook wants to approach 600 firms and provide all necessary help to make them proficient on Facebook. The ads provided will have three months validity. Definitely it is a smart move, since today everyone wants to be on Facebook, so the knowledge about how to build a community on Facebook coming directly from the horse’s mouth is the best thing to happen. Apart from this, these workshops won’t have a heavy cost that is generally charged by the leading institutes.

These ways of interacting with the local business of a country will definitely increase the revenue of Facebook. After the IPO, Facebook has been hunting for newer ways of increasing it’s ad revenues and organizing such workshops will definitely boost it. However, it would be interesting to see how these SME’s use the Facebook platform going further. I hope they consider to build a small community initially and create awareness like the Ghantawala Pan Bhandar from Surat has done. Even though the move is in very early days for Ghantawala, it should stand as an example for other SMEs.

If you are an SME, would you be interested in the workshops being organized by Facebook?