Facebook Allows You To Edit Comments But Not Completely

An article on the new feature upgrade of Facebook's editing comments and also why it is still not a complete upgrade.


One of the most annoying features of Facebook has been upgraded now. From now onwards, you don’t need to worry or bang your head when you spelt something wrong while replying to one of your status messages on Facebook. I have regretted a lot of times when I had committed such blunders and this is a much-needed feature especially on the brand pages. Although the feature was already out there, you had only 30 seconds to edit your content! The good news now is that you can edit your messages on Facebook whenever you feel like.

The new feature gives you an option to edit and delete a comment. So when you want to edit a comment, just hover over the comment on it’s right side. You would find two options – Edit and Delete as seen in the below screenshot:

facebook edit

If you click on Edit, you would be allowed to make changes and the changed content will be marked as “Edited”. “Edited” shows you the various changes that you have made like a change log and is visible to anyone who can view the comment.

facebook edit comments history

Can you edit your original post?

The new feature which has been rolled out now, was a much awaited change. However, the change is an incomplete one because you still can’t edit the original content that you post on Facebook. Have a look at the below screenshot:

facebook actuall post

I am sure we make mistakes in the original content and for me it doesn’t make sense to only have an edit option for the comments section and not for the original content. A feature that is out there on Google Plus from day one.

Google plus comments

I am not comparing both the networks but this move by Facebook is an incomplete one. Facebook should have provided these basic features from day one and now when they have realized it, they should have introduced the editing features at all the required places.

Don’t you think that the editing feature should have been there for the original content too? And if you are not seeing the latest changes like I am not seeing them on my brand page, then you will have to wait for some time as Facebook is gradually rolling out the feature.