Facebook acquires startup FacioMetrics, Twitter adds QR codes

Global digital news - Facebook could one day build facial gesture controls for its app thanks to the acquisition of FacioMetrics, Twitter today introduced QR codes into its apps for iOS and Android, and more


Facebook stops collecting WhatsApp user data in Europe after government pressure: Facebook has stopped collecting WhatsApp user data across Europe, the Financial Times reports, bowing to pressure from privacy watchdogs across the continent. The shift in policy means that European users of the messaging app will no longer have information — including phone numbers — relayed to Facebook, but the social network says it may only be a temporary suspension while the laws are debated.

Facebook acquires emotion detection startup FacioMetrics:Facebook could one day build facial gesture controls for its app thanks to the acquisition of a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff company called FacioMetrics. The startup made an app called Intraface that could detect seven different emotions in people’s faces, but it’s been removed from the app stores.

Verizon acquires SocialRadar to buff up MapQuest’s location data: We got word earlier today that Verizon had acquired SocialRadar, a mapping startup founded by Blackboard co-founder Michael Chasen that promises to provide its users with far more accurate location data for businesses — down to where exactly a door is. Reached by phone, Chasen confirmed the acquisition.

Twitter adds QR codes for some reason:Twitter today introduced QR codes into its apps for iOS and Android, because not having QR codes was Twitter’s biggest existential threat as a business and the main reason that no one ever followed anyone on the service.

Facebook updates metrics reporting following more calculation errors: Facebook is doubling down on its metrics reporting with a renewed focus on transparency. The update comes with the announcement that the company found yet more bugs in its metrics calculations. Less than two months ago, Facebook revealed it had been overestimating video ad viewing times for two years.

Facebook overhauls metrics, makes corrections, adds viewability: In a sort of course correction, Facebook made several announcements Wednesday pertaining to audience and ads measurement on the social network. The news includes several metrics corrections — though none likely to cause as much consternation as September’s revelation that Facebook had been overstating the “average duration of video viewed” due to a miscalculation — more third-party verification, a new blog to communicate ongoing metrics changes, and the formation of a new Measurement Council.

Duracell Rebel Kids Save Christmas: Duracell and Star Wars join forces this holiday season to spread some cheer to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in Duracell’’ latest spot “How the Rebels Saved Christmas.” Launched in October 2016, the Duracell Rebel Kids spot highlights how the magic of imagination can give true meaning to the holidays.