#MrsIndiaKaGhar: Fab Furnish Wants To Be Your Homemaker

Home furnishing e-tailer Fab Furnish has rolled out 'Mrs India ka ghar' ad film that takes a viewer through her home while showcasing every product in its portfolio

Fab furnish mrs india ad

With Diwali round the corner, Indians are busy making preparations for the biggest festival in the country. Celebrating Diwali with friends and family is more like shopping for the home; also a time when home furnishing companies make their most sales.

Following the trend of rolling out Diwali campaigns to get Indian shoppers, home furnishing ecommerce firm Fab Furnish is out with a new ad. The brand seeks to establish Fab Furnish as your homemaker, your partner who helps make your home through the story of ‘Mrs India’ – the modern Indian woman who wants the best for her family and friends.

The new ad lets a viewer take a peek into the beautiful home created by Mrs India, while showcasing the product range from Fab Furnish.

Conceptualized in-house by Fabfurnish.com, directed by Abhijit Sudhakar and produced by Jamic Films, the ad opens to Mrs India returning to a beautiful home. As she switches on the lights and begins to tuck away the toys left around, browse over the memories captured in photographs, make preparations for the guests coming over, the viewer is taken through all the rooms in her house.

The furniture, the lighting, the decor of her living room, the bedroom, the kitchen all reflect a beautiful space called home. ‘Mrs. India ka Ghar’, as the brand would choose to call it.


On the digital front, a quiz contest served to bring about fan engagement. The Fab Furnish Twitter handle ensured video views by asking questions related to the ad. One had to follow the page on Twitter and use the hashtag in their responses, for a chance to grab vouchers worth INR 5000.

Clever. Targeted. Aspirational

‘Mrs India ka Ghar’ is a neat positioning by the brand. It directly targets the modern Indian woman who’s juggling between work, family and social life, while also emphasizing the role of the brand as her partner in making her house into a beautiful home. The ‘Your homemaker’ tagline brings in a personalized feel to the brand, that has forayed into design services and curated products.

The ad film is watchable despite it being an ad showcasing nearly every product category from Fab Furnish. The storytelling angle probably did the trick. While ‘Mrs India’ takes us through her home, we hardly realize that products are being shown or demonstrated to us!

However, the campaign tone took a drastic turn on social media. That ‘Mrs India ka Ghar’ contest spilled water over the story build up. If the idea was to create buzz in the lowest budget possible and get people talking about the various Fab Furnish products in Mrs. India’s  home, then the work is done. Hoping Fab Furnish has a well laid out digital marketing plan to stand out in the clutter of home decor and furnishings space.