Faasos Rolls Out Hilarious TVCs To Help Answer #AajKhaneMeinKyaHai

After going app-only, food tech startup Faasos has rolled out a TVC campaign answering 'Aaj khane mein kya hai? to promote its mobile app among tier 2 masses


Technology-driven homegrown QSR chain Faasos that started from one outlet in Pune selling wraps and biryanis is now a heavily funded startup powered by a food ordering app. In a story on ET, the company claims that it currently processes 50,000 orders a month through its mobile app. Faasos is targeting a revenue of $100 million (about Rs 630 crore) by financial year 2017 and is expanding its presence to 10 cities. And mobile would play a major role in its growth.

This month, it became the first food tech player to go app only in India. With over 97% of its delivery sales coming from the app, the time was right to go app only. Data also pointed out that tier 2 cities are playing a vital role in the growth of mobile app orders. A mass market campaign had to follow suit.

The brand has recently rolled out two television commercials to promote its mobile app among the masses. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Mumbai, the central theme of the ads revolve around – “Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai?” Faasos makes the entry with tasty responses to everyone’s common question, with its range of new options daily for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

In one of the ads, a guy asks the office boy what’s there to eat. He’s told lunch is over, and offered tea and biscuits instead. Then he calls his cook to ask what’s there to eat, ‘Fever’, she lies to him. The poor guy now asks his roomie the same question, who quickly clarifies that he isn’t his mother.

A voiceover takes over the familiar intro of Faasos. “A word beginning with ‘F’ comes to mind, try another – Faasos. Download the app to find tasty answers to #AajKhaneMeinKyaHai.”


In another ad, a guy returns home from work and asks the bai what’s there to eat. ‘Dal sabji’ she responds. The same is repeated for many days until he is completely frustrated with the same old food, and haunted by his bai’s dal sabji’. The voiceover introduces the app to him to find him tastier options than dal sabji everyday.


‘Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai’ is a question that Faasos has been implementing on its Twitter since a long time. This April, the brand asked Puneiites to tweet the question to their handle and receive a surprise lunch. The television commercials are an extension of its digital and social media promotions.

With the new TVC campaign Faasos wants to be the answer to everyone’s question on ‘what’s there to eat today?’ The television campaign has apparently evolved from the massive digital campaigning earlier on ‘We got your food. You got our app? to promote its enhanced mobile app.

Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai? is certainly the right way to position the food ordering app, specially when it’s app-only now. The catchphrase has a general, easy feel about it, that is sure to resonate with tier 2 cities as well. Hopefully, it rakes in the orders too.