Exprestore, A Facebook Commerce Company [Review]

A review of a Facebook Commerce Company, Exprestore


Commerce on social media especially on Facebook is still a business that is being considered after we had heard brands closing shops on Facebook last year. Exprestore, a Bangalore based company is the new name to surface in the world of Facebook Commerce. Facebook Commerce, is a way by which Facebook users can shop merchandise from their favorite brand pages without leaving the network at any point.

In a recent talk with YourStory, Ashish Agarwal, the Founder of Exprestore said that “Exprestore is India’s First Facebook Commerce Company. We have developed a Platform for Brands to sell their products and services through their Facebook Page as an Application.”

The company, which is 2 months old, has helped 45 stores to set up their pages on Facebook. Additionally, it has tied up with EBS and Zaakpay to integrate the payment gateway within Facebook.

The story excited me and with the help of the Exprestore team, I was all set to review the store that the company creates for their clients.

Facebook Commerce store

Shop Here is the store or the Facebook app that Exprestore has created for Johareez, an ecommerce company. On click of the app you would find an attractive Facebook marketplace similar to the screen grab shown below:


The items are listed in various categories to give the fan a better shopping experience. The products that are listed in these categories pop up with more details once you click on the “Buy Now” button. The below screen grab shows you the details once you click on “Buy Now”.


Further you can  see a bigger image when you click on ‘Click to large view’. However, on click of this button the store leaves Facebook and lands on the website of Johareez. I presume that it is a small glitch otherwise it should have shown a bigger preview of the product.

You can buy the product or do further browsing after adding it to the cart or even share the items with your Facebook friends. The below screen grab gives you a glimpse of the shopping kart.


Admin Panel for Facebook store

Exprestore team provides a backend panel to the clients which they can use for managing the store. So Johareez who is the client of Exprestore, will get a portal from where it can manage the shop. The client can either add or remove categories. Similarly you can add the product to a particular category or remove it. In addition to this, the page also provides a complete tracking of the order details that have been performed by users on Facebook.

Thoughts on Exprestore and Facebook Commerce

The app is neat and simple. The backend process is easy to work with. However, the company can work on adding some more features which would make a fans shopping experience better. Such as adding a search feature, showing associated content, better preview, etc.  will provide for an enjoyable experience. Exprestore can also think of integrating with the Facebook Open Graph to get an idea of the users interest so that she is better served.

Exprestore is not the first company that has ventured into Facebook Commerce from India. Last year, we had reviewed Adepto which was also doing the same with Trolly but recently has pivoted and now it is a social media marketing platform. Along with Facebook Commerce, there are companies like ShopSocially, Badhai.in, 99 Presents, etc. who have ventured into social commerce.

Even though there is an ongoing debate that Facebook is not a place where you would love to transact but in India this may differ. One of the growing sectors in India, Ecommerce, where the moolah is today, is already on Facebook if not anywhere else on social media. So the shift to Facebook commerce will be a deliberate move by E-commerce with time.

I am convinced that Exprestore has a prospective future in the Facebook Commerce space but are you convinced too?