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by Prasant Naidu on June 19, 2022


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When the biggest athletic sporting event associates with the biggest social networking site then you are bound to see some fireworks. Facebook’s association with London Olympics is not only a great move for users but might bring a smile on the face of marketers too. London 2012 Olympics has built a dedicated Olympic hub, which will help the user to find more about the games depending on her choice.

London Olympics Explore Facebook page:

The custom page has a lovely cover page and a bigger one, compared to the ones that brands have today. The page is a collection of other pages displayed under categories. Along with the main pages The Olympic Games and London 2012 the page has been divided into three broad categories 1. Athletes, 2. Teams and 3. Sports.

1. Athletes: This is a section where you get the list of all the athletes that are participating in the London 2012 Olympics along with their fan pages. So you can follow your favorite athlete by clicking on her page and stay informed with the latest updates.

London Olympics 2012 Athletes

2. Teams: This is another section that has been showcased on the pages and it is also a list of teams that are participating in the Olympics. If you can locate your country in the list then don’t forget to follow the page for all latest updates.

Explore London Olympics 2012 Teams

3. Sports: Finally the page has a sports category, which is also a similar list like Athletes and Teams. The list features all the various types of sports that are performed in the Olympics. So if you play a sport or like it then it is a great way to keep your self updated by following it.

Explore London Olympics 2012 Teams

My thoughts:

Facebook’s association with London Olympics is a smart move even though it follows the path that Twitter had walked recently. Some time back, Twitter had associated with NASCAR and supported the event. The association was to show all featured tweets, photos, perspectives from NASCAR drivers, their families and fans all displayed in one timeline. However, Facebook has an edge over Twitter when compared as a social networking site. The page that has been created is a collection of pages under different categories to make the user’s life easy.

Along with this, will this be open for other events is a question that we will have to wait for. The association with Facebook is a non-commercial one at the moment and that is the reason why you don’t have any ads running on the page. But will Facebook not make it as another way to increase it’s yearly advertisement revenues? I don’t doubt that Facebook is going to miss the opportunity!

So maybe tomorrow when you have the FIFA world cup or the IPL or the Oscars you may such see Facebook pages being built as done for London 2012 but  I doubt it will be non-commercial.

Do you believe that this could be one of the potential revenue generating ways for Facebook in the coming days?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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