Experts Predict Indian Social Media Trends For 2012

Experts Predict Indian Social Media Trends For 2012

Carrying on with our series to find out what could be the Indian social media trends that would create an impact in 2012, the first article of the series highlighted thoughts from Preetham Venkky and the second will showcase thoughts from some more industry experts. In 2011 we have seen brands evolving from the ‘like’ mindset and trying their hand in creating unique engagement models. However it would be interesting to know how do the industry experts perceive 2012. So I got in touch with some of the industry experts of Indian social media and their thoughts are shared below.

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Moksh Juneja: The first trend will be seen in the Human Resource arena. Today there is no clear indication as to who is responsible for managing social media in-house. Sometimes if there is interest they do not have training. This will surely get sorted by next year.

The second trend will be seen in the adoption to technology. There is a big confusion over adoption of the right technology. A common example could be the choice to be made for Android vs. iOS or going forward to the mobile version of internet or build a mobile application. Clearly developers will stay away from Windows 7 and RIM, because of the perception that they aren’t safe enough.

Social media will be more structured in 2012 as Moksh pointed out and it would also compel brands to be more social and accountable on social media. With this thought I think we are also going to see a desire for integrated digital media houses. These houses will have everything for you to run your 360-degree campaigns going further and reduce the hassles of dealing with two to three agencies.


Advit Sahdev : Evolution of Social Search.

A trend that is going to take shape from 2012 and Advit has highlighted it. Personally, I think Facebook is going to dominate this area initially and you never know Google might throw in some surprises at us. So this is one area that is going to catch a lot of eyeballs.


Robin Jacob Abraham: Crowd-sourcing user feedback, leading to innovation being consumer driven rather than brand driven is one of the trend that I look forward to in 2012. This would especially happen, as on this medium, feedback being real and instantaneous would be used to drive shorter product innovation and go-to-market cycles.

Social media for research is one of the most interesting and underestimated concepts in India. As Robin pointed that social media research would be real time and instantaneous which we have seen in 2011. However, crowd-sourcing feedback driven by consumer and not brands is interesting to look forth too.


Sanjay Mehta: While the budgets will go to try and make the next Kolaveri (largely unsuccessful), the actual business focus will shift to Online Reputation Management, is my prediction for 2012.

Sanjay has highlighted two important trends prevailing in the Indian market. One after Kolaveri has tasted success, everyone is making another Kolaveri. Believe me, it will never work. Recently I read an article by mmm that highlighted why bloggers who are thought leaders will always survive. As the other bunch of bloggers who are copying them are fooling readers. So stop wasting your budgets and time in making another Kolaveri Di. In fact try making a video where a girl tells her story or something other than what has already been out in the market.  The second point that Sanjay has highlighted is about Online Reputation Management. In 2011, we saw how Vodafone messed up so brands will have to spend a great deal of time that their age old ways won’t work on social media. In fact with more brands going online, one has to accept brickbats with a large heart and face the heat. So 2012 will have more such issues but it will be interesting to see how such fiascos are handled.

Discussing trends is a way to do more brainstorming and like you, we are also aware that we only come to know about the real trends at the end of 2012.But what’s wrong with predicting? So if you have a trend that you think could rock 2012 then do let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear 🙂