He Had No Clue Of Consumer Internet Business But Has Built One Of The Coolest Indian Digital Agency

Interview with Sandip Maiti, CEO & Founder of Experience Commerce who shares his startup journey, working at Zycus, and about MRF Rain Day social media campaign


Donning the entrepreneurship suit for Sandip Maiti was quite a challenge. He started Experience Commerce - a digital agency based out in Mumbai with no clue of the internet consumer business but only the excitement of learning once again.

Today Experience Commerce is one of the few independent digital agencies that has survived close to nine years while delivering cutting edge creative digital work. The MRF Rain Day campaign is one such example which also happens to be Sandip’s favourite campaign of H1 2014. “We came from the technology route so we really had to learn the design and creative business. We have been chasing this for the last two years to make things look beautiful but it is also very difficult to acquire such skills. So we wanted to build campaigns that were not only cool from technology aspect but were visually delightful at the same time. MRF Rain Day campaign is one such evocative digital story telling experience.”

Before talking about campaigns and the evolution of digital in the country, Sandip spoke about his time spent at Zycus where he was leading the marketing division responsible for selling world-class B2B products. “During my time at Zycus we were building sourcing and procurement product brands out of India. I had an amazing team and we were able to sell product licensees to the top ten of the Fortune 100 companies,” recollected Sandip while sipping green tea at his Mumbai office.

It was the entrepreneurship encouragement from Aatish Dedhia, CEO at Zycus that motivated Sandip to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. To start with Experience Commerce was a web applications company and later on before they could realize the market had started calling them an expensive agency because of the cool innovations on web. “We used to be firm that if you want to have world-class stuff then please give us world class money. Didn’t happen all the time but we kept asking and that’s how we have always been - not gone for mass market, we have worked with few partners and wherever we have worked it’s been a journey,” he said.

In the first part of the video conversation, he talked about his life at Experience Commerce and later shared about his early days in Kolkata. Further, he described being busy developing and marketing system control software in the US which ended after he decided to return to India. Sandip also talked about the shift to the marketing and media space while working at Jasubhai Digital Media.

In this second part of the extensive video conversation, Sandip shares about his journey with Experience Commerce and on the work by his agency in H1 2014.