‘Mission _i_ing’, A Social Recruitment Drive By Digital Agency Experience Commerce, Teams Create Videos To Woo Candidates

Digital agency, Experience Commerce has launched ‘Mission _i_ing’, a two-month social recruitment drive where managers & teams use videos to pitch directly to potential candidates


Recruitment goes social yet again. 2014 seems to have kickstarted a new trend in social recruitment in the country. The latest to experiment with hiring using social recommendations is digital agency, Experience Commerce, one of India’s largest independent pure-play digital marketing agencies. The agency has launched ‘Mission _i_ing’, a two-month social recruitment drive to hire creative individuals for various departments in the agency.

Interestingly, one does not interact with the HR at Mission _i_ing (hence the letters H & R are missing in ‘Hiring’). Instead every team in charge of a particular department pitches their requirements through videos. Hooked? Read on…

Mission _i_ing

Themed around ‘When HR goes missing’, the recruitment campaign is on a 60-day mission to fill up 30 positions in the agency. 7 managers along with their teams have created videos to pitch directly to the potential candidates. The page on the agency website, Mission Hiring features a series of videos instead of the stereotypical job descriptions. In the videos, each team member along with the manager describes what they are looking for and the challenges faced by the team.

There are a total of 7 videos for each of the teams including content, account management, planning, art, copy, etc. These have been uploaded on the agency’s YouTube brand channel too.

In this video, Virinder, the Copy Director is describing the 5 things he is looking for in a copywriter:

Buzz on social

Experience Commerce has been promoting its recruitment drive quite extensively on Facebook and Twitter. The EC Facebook page sports a brand new cover photo, while the timeline is occupied in sharing the videos and visual updates on Mission _i_ing. The Twitter stream is crowded with #MissionHiring tweets driving users to the videos and the campaign website.

The social hiring drive is also receiving accolades on Twitter:

Mission _i_ing = recruiting + branding - cost

‘Impressive’ is the only word to describe this social recruitment campaign. Not only does Mission _i_ing cut the cost of hiring a recruitment agency, it also showcases the wealth of creative talent present in each of the teams. Moreover, the videos help a potential candidate to get a better idea of the work culture, team challenges and the team mates he/she is going to work with, compared to the regular job description in bulleted points. Experience Commerce has indeed leveraged the power of social connections with this campaign and hopefully set a benchmark in social recruitment.

While Mission _i_ing uses video storytelling and the social media web to reach out to potential candidates, the process of evaluation and selection will happen the traditional way. Potential candidates need to still email their resumes to EC.

Recently, we witnessed an innovative social recruitment campaign driven completely on Twitter. IT giant HCL Technologies launched a 3-week global talent hunt for IT professionals through Twitter, where the selected candidate landed a 12-month consulting project and prize money too. The campaign titled and hashtagged as ‘#CoolestInterviewEver’ contest completed the entire recruitment cycle on Twitter itself.

Social is indeed impacting all aspects of a business including recruitment. Hoping to see a new trend of social recruitment drives in 2014.