Evian Baby Bay, The Sun Eyes Distributed Video On Platforms

Global digital news of the day- French bottled water brand Evian has launched a new advertising campaign in the Live Young series, The Sun, liberated last November from its paywall, is having a coming-out party for its video, and more

Winners and losers of Facebook’s latest algorithm changes: Facebook’s latest clickbait purge is going to have ripple effects for publishers. The social giant is putting an emphasis on articles that are important to people and recognizing that clicks, shares and comments aren’t necessarily the best indicators of that.

Feed Different: UK pet food company Tails.com has launched “Feed Different”, an affectionate pastiche tribute to the iconic “Think Different” commercial launched by Apple in 1997. Narrated by Sir Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter films), the film replaces human thinkers such as John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Pabloc Picasso with twenty canine characters. As with the Apple commercial, footage has been provided with film grain for artistic effect.

Vox Media Tries Something Old on Something New: Vox Media, the ambitious online news start-up that runs Vox, a politics site; SB Nation, a network of sports sites; and The Verge, a site about technology, says its next new project will be reviving something old.

As Business Insider grows its brand outside the U.S., its paid research arm’s ambitions continue to build: BI Intelligence, the company’s paid subscription research service, is aiming big as well. It has over 5,000 paying subscribers across its suite of offerings, it says, with around 30 dedicated staffers.

IKEA Wonderful Everyday Life: IKEA UK is running “Wonderful Everyday Life”, an integrated advertising campaign posing the question: “What if the little things are really the big things?”. The IKEA Wonderful Everyday Life campaign, online at ikea.co.uk/wonderfuleveryday, began with hundreds of secrets to a wonderful everyday submitted by IKEA staff.

Evian Baby Bay: French bottled water brand evian has launched a new advertising campaign in the Live Young series, bringing back the babies to make their mark on the surfing scene. “Evian Baby Bay”, the commercial at the heart of the campaign, shows a surfer (Robin Clive) being out-surfed and out-classed by six months old surfers.

Snapchat quietly kills in-app purchase option: Seven months is a long enough time to figure out that people didn’t want to pay upwards of $4.99 to re-watch friends’ goofy snaps. At its launch last September, Snapchat acknowledged that selling replays for few bucks a pop was lame, writing in its blog that it’s a “little pricey — but time is money!”

Post-paywall, The Sun eyes distributed video on platforms: The Sun, liberated last November from its paywall, is having a coming-out party for its video. The News U.K.-owned title can shoot for scale today in ways that it couldn’t before, and so it is actively embracing the distributed model: Not only is it pushing video across its own site, but fans of the tabloid can watch its content on YouTube, Facebook and, soon, Snapchat Discover.