Everything About Google Plus: 540M Active Users, Hangouts Get SMS, Animated GIF Support, Movies Get Awesome And More

Google is rolling out new features for photographers on its Google+ social network. We bring you the details of the event that was led by VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra

Google Plus new features

Yesterday Google+ at an event in San Francisco, showcased that after two years the social network is not yet done. Google’s VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra took the stage to discuss the promise of the company’s social network and decided to share more about where it’s going now. Besides sharing some sparkling activity numbers on the network, Google announced 18 new and cool features that might spike the growth of the network in the coming days.

Google Plus new features

We have tried to bring you the highlights of the event for a quick glance about Google+:

Google+ numbers that matter

1. Now two years old, the social network has seen a new version published nearly every day — nearly 20 launches in the last 4 months such as sync’d notifications and translations.

2. There are more than 540 million active users worldwide with 300 million active users in the stream alone. There are 1.5 billion photos being uploaded to Google+ too each week.

Cool features that Google+ has added

1. Google Hangout feature updates: Google Hangout, the coolest feature of Google+ saw some interesting upgrades. Hangouts that has been slowly trying to fill the gap of a messaging app, added features like SMS support, animated GIFs and one-tap location sharing for its Android app. The updates would be rolled out in the next few days.

The video calling experience, meanwhile, is being revamped across all supported devices. Videos will now play full screen and Google has promised to fix and enhance webcam lighting on the desktop automatically.

2. Auto Awesome Movies: Google’s media-enhancing ‘Auto Awesome‘ tool on Google+ now supports video files. The feature – ‘Auto Awesome Movies’ will instantly stabilize your shots, choose the best or most important parts of your footage and create an all-new highlight reel that’s been cut in-time with some free music from Google.

As you swipe across the screen on a touchscreen device, Google+ will create different cuts based on different moods, musical genres and editing styles. Google which had introduced Auto Awesome as a photo-editing feature on Google+ – which creates unique, enhanced images based on your existing snaps – has extended it to videos now giving competition to the likes of Vine and Instagram. The promo video is the best thing to have a look about ‘Auto Awesome Movies.’

3. Photo enhancements and HDR Filters: Google+ also rolled out some more interesting features such as full-size backups for iOS, better Highlight capabilities, improved enhancements for auto-enhance, Snapseed, and the Nik Collection, and auto-awesome.

While the full backup or the full size of images are right now available only for Android, the network has improved the highlighting feature. Google has added more than 1,000 words to offer deep learning for its Highlights tool and search.

Auto enhancement feature of photos has been adjusted to give you a low/high ability and can turn albums on or off. By turning auto-enhance on low or high, it will give you varying intensities, including saturation, vignette, contrast, etc. With this Google+ has introduced a new filter called HDR scape which would give you instantly a high definition image.

Along with these the Nik Collection and Auto-Awesome are being updated too. Google is adding a new called Analog Effex Pro — a new feature that enables photographers to explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films and lenses. However, it is a paid feature.

4. Auto-Awesome: The feature that is being branded as the better story creator by Google is introducing two new modes – Auto-Awesome Action which will show you the motion of an object in a photo and Auto-Awesome Eraser lets photographers remove obstructions from their photo.

By now you might have guessed that all the new features that Google+ has introduced have been done keeping in mind the photographer community. Images and videos have been the focus of most of the social networks but Google+ is also focusing strongly on the professional photographer community.

This is an interesting future road map that Google+ has carved for itself.