Evernote Reaches One Million Users In India

Evernote reaches one million users in India and to celebrate this milestone it is running a contest on Twitter.


Evernote that helps you remember close to everything, has released its India numbers. According to Next Big What, Evernote that was launched in open beta in 2008 has clocked one million users in India. However, it has not shared how many are active users on the platform but has shared data points such as most notes created on Windows, closely followed by Android and has added 92K users per month for the last three months.

evernote has one million users india

Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving.  Globally Evernote has been growing rapidly and if we go by Evernote CEO Phil Libin’s statement then he had to say this – “I’m pretty sure that we’re the fastest growing company ever in terms of new users, that’s not growing virally or paying for new customers.”

The company that boasts more than 45 million users acquired through word of mouth had released an enterprise edition – Evernote Business, an extension of the company’s core features for small and medium-sized business. The enterprise launch was executed in seven countries like France, Germany, UK, etc. to bring collection, discovery and sharing to teams.

The focus on India has been for some time and there were rumors that Evernote was about to open up office but TNW had clarified that it was not true and the company has no plans to do so in the near future. However, Troy Malone, general manager for Evernote Asia-Pacific operations, had told TOI that the company might engage with a local company that would help them in market expansion with India being an extremely important market.

I am presuming that with the growing traction from India, Evernote might rethink on its expansion plans. But for now, to celebrate the milestone Evernote is having a small contest for its social media fans. The Facebook page, which has more than 400 fans, posted about the milestone and shared that the Twitter account is running a contest for the next 5 hours. The deal is that you will have to tweet and tell why you love Evernote with the hashtag #evernoteindia1million and 2 people with the most interesting tweets would receive t-shirts.

So go ahead and show some love for Evernote and who knows you might get lucky too.