Evernote Partners With Korea’s Kakao Talk To Share Memories And Other Social Moments

US based startup Evernote has struck a deal with Korean startup Kakao that runs Kakao Talk to share and store images and informations


The future of social lies in mobile and it is obvious that one would love to store social moments for the future. Doing it on a mobile is not a smart solution. But Evernote, a trusted name when it comes to storing personal details now plans to be more social. The Next Web reported that the US based startup has struck a deal with Korean startup Kakao that runs Kakao Talk.

evernote kakaotalk

The deal which has been kept under wraps, has indicated that the Evernote service will be brought within the mobile messaging app Kakao Talk. This would then enable the users to save a nice message or an image while they are busy talking with their friends. The exact date of the roll out has also not been announced and it is being assumed that the feature will be available for the popular platforms such as iOS and Android. However, it is not confirmed that the services would be available for Kakao Talk apps for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.

The deal comes at a time when already the Asian market is being crowded by social messaging apps and their continuous innovation to engage with the users. Just a day before we shared how Line is having a hockey stick growth with 150 million users out of which 50 million has been added in the last three months alone. The growth has also been subjected to Line’s expansion in markets like Spain, Latin America and Africa.

Kakao Talk, that has 90 million registered users, has also dominated the local Korean market with 95% of downloads. So it is quite a deal for Evernote, which continues its global expansion especially in Asia with presence in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. With 1.5 million users from Korea, Evernote will get a spike in its traction from users. Though Kakao Talk hasn’t seen a great traction apart from Korea but of late it is seeing traction from neighbouring countries in South Asia. So that would help Evernote in the future too.

The deal must have caught the attention of other growing social messaging apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, etc. So could there be a possible tie-up with others too? One wonders if Evernote has any such plans for India since the startup in the month of February had announced  of having  1M users from the country and social messaging apps are proliferating too with the intrusion of WeChat, Whatsapp and Hike.

Image courtesy: www.koreaherald.com