Evernote Isn’t Opening An Office In India

About the news that Evernote has no plans to open office in India from 2013


evernote_logoLast week TOI broke the big news that Evernote is opening an office in the country early next year. However, according to TNW the news is not true and the company has no plans to do so in the near future.

Evernote’s company representative that got in touch with TNW has clarified that the statement given to TOI is not true. The company is not looking to open an office in India right now but it may hire a local marketing firm. The spokesperson added that,

“The news featured in the TOI article is an incorrect statement. India is an extremely important market to us, and therefore we are planning to engage a local company to assist us with market development based out of Noida.”

Evernote, is an app that allows users to write down their thoughts, take pictures and annotate them, and record moments. The app is available on Apple Mac, Windows PC, iOS devices, Android devices and Windows Phone devices and has over 45 million users on these devices. India has around 700,000 Evernote users.

Interestingly, last week Troy Malone, general manager for Evernote Asia Pacific operations had told TOI that the company is looking for expansion in Asia and since India has lot of  the potential at the moment, Evernote plans to function in India .

However, while talking to TOI representative, Malone had also mentioned the company might engage with a local company that would help them in market expansion with India being an extremely important market.

“India is an extremely important market to us and therefore we are planning to engage a local company, based out of Noida, to assist us with market development.”

Moving with a local marketing team to set up a strong base initially is a desired move considering that Evernote initially would focus on business development. The company also plans to sell more of its premium version of the app i.e. Evernote Business.

But right now it seems that India will have to wait for some more time before the company decides to move in the country in a full fledged manner like it has done in countries like China, Japan, South Korea, etc.