ETC Fights Against Movie Piracy Via Bollywood Thanks You, Fans Receive Personalized Video Messages From Akshay Kumar

ETC's anti-piracy campaign 'Bollywood Thanks You' created an interactive microsite with personalized thank you messages from stars, for users taking pledge against piracy

Bollywood is always under constant threat from movie piracy. Every time someone pirates a cheap copy of the movie and spreads it through CDs and torrents, the industry suffers. In its long and continuing battle against film piracy, Bollywood found a new voice with ETC’s Anti-Piracy campaign – “Bollywood Thanks You”. The campaign took a twist in its communication; instead of asking people to stop watching pirated films, it chose to thank them for watching films as they are meant to be – in theatres.

ETC, the Bollywood news channel from Zee Group, embarked on a 360 degree approach for Bollywood Thanks You.  Extensive promotions were carried out across major multiplex chains in key cities, outdoor, print and editorials in leading dailies and film trade magazines, along with social media promotions.

Bollywood Thanks You on social

An interactive microsite was created for the campaign where users needed to take a pledge against movie piracy. One has to enter their name, email and phone number, before clicking on ‘I pledge’ for a surprise. This is the surprise that I got after taking the pledge (See screenshot). My favourite Bollywood star Akshay Kumar thanking me in a video!


These personalized video messages can then be shared with your social connections via the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

Fun contests around popular movies were also hosted on the ETC Facebook page for its 1.2 million strong fan base. On Twitter, several contests were held to get people talking about the cause and take the pledge to fight piracy. Hashtags #etcFightsPiracy and #BollywoodThanksYou helped spread information and create conversations around piracy. Both the hashtags featured on the top 10 Twitter trends in India.

ETC also partnered with one of India’s leading creative crowdsourcing company Talent House India, by extending the cause of anti piracy to its audience. It invited aspiring filmmakers to create 30 second films under the theme of anti-piracy. The films of ten carefully handpicked winners were then run across leading multiplexes and are currently running on the channel as well. Featured below is the winning entry:

Maximizing through social reach

For a cause like movie piracy that fuels the underworld, while ruining the film industry and is largely not considered a ‘crime’ in the country, ETC’s ‘Bollywood thanks you’ brings forth a fresh message. It is one anti-piracy campaign that steers clear from urging consumers to  not buy pirated CDs or download movie torrents, instead it plays on a positive communication by expressing gratitude to all those who take the pledge to end piracy. Moreover, the inclusive nature of the campaign where everybody from the top rung to the bottom is thanking supporters, works towards calling for a larger anti-piracy movement in India.

Social media platforms have also been leveraged thoughtfully. Partnering with a crowdsourcing community of creative people like Talenthouse not only helps the cause, but also spreads the message amongst proponents of anti-piracy. Creating conversations through Twitter with the help of contests and incentives helped it to trend maximizing the reach. But, best of all is the personalized video message by one of Bollywood’s most able and favourite actor, Akshay Kumar. Thereby creating content that is special, memorable and shareworthy.

‘Bollywood Thanks You’ couldn’t have been any better on social, what do you think?