Engrave Preserves 2012 Tweet Memories Of India

by Prasant Naidu on January 29, 2022


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Today Twitter can tell you the pulse of a nation. Explore the Trending topics on Twitter and you would know what people are talking about. Twitter today has become one of the fastest expressive networks where users share anything and everything. In this huge chunk of information, there is a huge chunk which is useful or funny and demands to be stored. So how about capturing these chunks?

Engrave, an India-based design collective engaged in the pursuit of creating unique lifestyle products with fine craftsmanship, came up with this brilliant idea of replicating it with tweets. Nimish Adani and his team have pulled the massive task of putting together the most RT’d tweets from India for the year 2012 and preserved here for viewing.

“Perhaps it has something to do with my fondness for yearbooks (back in the days) and zeitgeists. So in the first week of 2012, while I was perusing Google Zeitgeist 2012, Facebook Trends 2012 and 2012 Year on Twitter - I had this urge to put together something on similar lines but focused on India.

Also, as a brand Engrave had a well entrenched Facebook presence - but not so on Twitter. So, this seemed like a good initiative to create buzz on Twitter - while staying true to the brand’s philosophy of ‘Memories, etched forever’.” shared Nimish, when I explored the reason behind starting this initiative of ‘Tweet Memories.’

Processing and creating Tweet Memories India 2012

The website that celebrates and preserves the finest memories of 2012 was more of a manual effort but a process that was loved by the Engrave team. Nimish shared that the entire work was broken into two parts. The first part was putting together two sets of categories – one which captured the essence of 2012 and two which made for entertaining reading.

“So while you’ll find a list of the most retweeted tweets/threads/photos under Greatest Hits, India Trending & Photo Bucket; you’ll also see sections such as Laugh Riot (the most retweeted funny tweets), English Bunglish (nope, this time it isn’t Shahid Kapoor) & Chat Masala (most gossiped about topics)” , added Nimish.

The second part was entirely about curation which took most of the effort. The team started with referring Pinstorm’s India influencers list and used tools like My Top Tweet and Favstar to identify tweets that had got the widest distribution.

Finally the entire thing needed to be packed altogether with the task of adding snappy notes for each category and for tweets that needed to be put in context. Along with these all steps of presenting tweets and images, Nimish showcased Engrave products along with the content quite smartly.

Finally, we created a showcase of our products that tied in with the content - and juxtaposed both on the Tweet Memories India 2012 site.

Tweet Memories India 2012 categories

The Tweet Memories India 2012 site has been divided under various categories such as Greatest Hits, Laugh Riot, Politically Yours, Filmy Chakkar, India Trending, Photo Bucket, etc. Each category is a treat to the eyes, and speaks volumes about the passion of Engrave to curate and present this to us.

For example: “Laugh Riot” is one of my favorite categories since it has all the tweets that will definitely make you smile. It has tweets from the funny men on Twitter such as Ramesh Srivats, Tanmay Bhat, Rofl Indian, etc. Similarly there is one more such category that would motivate you to appreciate the work – “Politically Yours.” This category showcases how Twitter is the most loved tool of the Indian politicians. The category has the most politically correct and incorrect tweets from the India’s political class that made people take notice and RT them on Twitter.

A commendable effort from the team at Engrave that not only is interesting for someone to browse through but also sits well with their objective of “Memories, etched forever.”

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Neil Leons

    Awesome stuff.. This is brilliant, better than Twitter’s stuff

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      Thanks @6e71e103af18b76237a217afe96a4b0a:disqus indeed it is a great stuff and this could grow big :)

  • http://www.beingpractical.com/ Pravin J

    Great stuff Nimish and team!

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      I love the way they have used social in an awesome way and tied their product too :)

  • http://www.csharpdflat.in/ Omkar Mishra

    Laugh Riot!!Epic…:)

    The initiative sure leaves a smile on ur face,,:)

  • http://twitter.com/oldfox004 Vinaya Naidu

    This is a brilliant idea to promote your products. The site is wonderful with great copy and neat, uncluttered look! Kudos to Nimish and team for this beautiful effort…keep it up guys!

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