These 3 employees tell us why working at Social Kinnect is fun and valuable

In a video conversation with LI, Sanjivani Jethwaney, Stefan Amanna, & Kartikeya Tiwari share their life at Social Kinnect and what keeps them going at the digital agency

Stefan Amanna joined Social Kinnect, a five-year young Mumbai based digital agency as a content writer. Within the first few weeks the team at SK realized that Stefan can do more than just writing content. “I was okay with acquiring new skills and getting to learn more about digital. I took the jump and I got into client servicing as well as writing content.”

In the next few months, Stefan was rewarded for his hard work. From working in a team, he became an account manager in charge of a small team at the agency. “My day now is more about strategy, taking care of the content quality that goes on the brand page and the reports. Any day is a mad and a challenging one. Since I work for an entertainment brand every week we have a campaign going on,” Stefan shared.

The belief at SK is that account executives should not only manage brands but also be involved in content creation. “A campaign is the brain child of an account executive so it is easier if they write their own content. The day to day content and execution is all that comes into the job description of an account executive,” Taher Changi, marketing manger had informed while taking me through how the agency functions on a day-to-day basis.

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There is more to the young guy who loves music and football. The 2.50 minute video (embedded at the top) tells you more about him, an ideal day at work and how he wants to go ahead at the agency. “Digital is changing rapidly. Even though there are no new features released everyday, there are new ways to be learnt to use them. In just a year I have moved from being a content writer, to client servicing to account management. This change that allows me to keep learning new things everyday keeps me going,” Stefan said before he signed off.

One of the things Stefan had highlighted in our quick conversation was about the new opportunities for learning and growth at SK. It ties to the core idea of CEO Rohan Mehta who dons the additional role of looking after the HR process in the company.

“I think my most important function as a CEO today is also heading the HR. We have always believed that it’s the people who will make us grow. We also look for people who have achieved a lot in a short amount of time. We don’t benchmark people on number of years of experience or educational qualifications.”

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For group account manager Sanjivani Jethwaney the young vibrant crowd at the agency and the freedom to express your ideas really gets her going every day. It’s been more than six months at SK and she is already driving a lot of responsibility.

Passionate about writing, photography and community development, she also has a sweet tooth. “When I came here I was really looking for a place that is excited about social media as much as I am. SK is exactly the place that I wanted.”

She further added, “The thing I love working here is that SK is a young and fun company. It is crazy, chaotic and every one is all full of energy. It is a nice thing to come to work and be blasted by that amount of energy. This behavior makes my day lively.”

The 2.50 minute video describes more about her day, the recent work she did at the agency and what keeps her going:

Before I wind up at SK (these stories are part of the agency feature content series in association with SK), I had my last interaction with the suave Kartikeya Tiwari. Dressed in smart formal attire, the Head of Business Development and strategy had just landed from a marathon round of meetings with clients. “My role is to bring new business to the company and make sure that creatively and operationally the brand is being served the way it was envisioned and promised.”

With an educational background in advertising and marketing, KT (his nickname in the agency and among clients) brings a lot of business development experience on the table. Working for more than a year at SK, he was quick to point out that from a curious fancy thing, clients are burning their hands with money in digital and social media. “We are problem solvers at the end of the day via communications. At SK we are not just doing Facebook and Twitter but we are trying to be partners and solve their business problems.”

Before I wrapped up, my last question to KT was: Why should people join Social Kinnect? “If you think passionately about this medium and you want to make a career in it, then you need the environment and the people who think the same. In fact the name of the agency comes from the same fact of getting connected to your kin. We believe in what we say and do. And we want to attract a crowd who sees a future in this industry and do some great work.”

And KT left with his life long philosophy: “If you know what you are doing, just aspire to be the number one at it and be the best.”

Here is a 4-minute video that reveals more about KT, the work he does and SK.

Meanwhile Social Kinnect is hiring, if you think it’s the agency for you then don’t wait. Be a Kinnector and grow in the industry.