This Men’s Day, HE Deo Calls Upon Women To #ShowMenSomeLove

A 2.25 minute jingle features women of all ages and personality types sing “Iss Men's Day pe Teri Chutti!” The anthem allows men to do whatever they please today

In a world obsessed with empowering its women, men’s issues have often been sidelined. Hardly do we acknowledge their contribution to society and always raise questions on their existence.

An ‘International Woman’s Day’ is badly sought after by multiple parties like the government, corporate and social activists alike, and they all want to celebrate the spirit of a woman, and support the causes affecting her wellbeing. But, what about our men?

Today on the occasion of International Men’s Day, HE, Emami’s deodorant brand for men, has called upon women to ‘show men some love’, although in a lighthearted way. People have been requested to dress up in blue as well.

In fact, it has also launched a jingle conceptualized by Leo Burnett that goes “Iss Men’s Day pe Teri Chutti!” Women in blue, of all ages and personality types, are seen cruising to a song urging men to do whatever they please today. Men can respond without stress when asked if their woman is looking fat today. They are allowed to snore in the middle of the night, and also leave stinky wet towels in the bathroom. They can do a ‘boys night out’ or even check out waitresses at the restaurant!

The women are all dressed in blue towards the end of the song, where the text blurb says #ShowMenSomeLove by wearing blue on Men’s Day.


The video is being promoted from a few days prior, today the hashtag #ShowMenSomeLove has been trending on Twitter India from the second half of the day. People wearing blue are being rewarded. The brand is running a contest where you need to share pictures of yourself wearing blue along with the hashtag for a chance to win an iPhone 6.

On HEs Facebook page, the brand has created various passes that women can give men - a boy’s night out pass, don’t ask me your weight pass, a 24 hour gaming pass, etc.

Well timed. Engaging. Fun

For a men’s brand, HE has does really well on International Men’s Day. On a day, when most brands in the space of men’s products will be brandishing their wares, HE has managed to capture a larger share of the buzz on social media. We don’t know if people are sharing their pictures dressed in blue either to show men some love or for the iPhone 6, but the trending on Twitter is a good sign of healthy execution.

The brand seems to have roped in social media influencers to wear blue too. Celebrity youth influencers like Raghu Ram and Rannvijay Singha have also dressed in blue today. The hilarious video, the funny passes created on Facebook along with the incentive-driven dressing up in blue has made for a fun consumer engagement and lighthearted humour. Cool way to capitalize on International Men’s Day!