Why Emami Created The League Of Interesting Men [Case Study]

A case study on Emami's 'League Of Interesting Men' digital campaign for He deodorant to build deeper engagement and establish the brand philosophy of 'Be interesting'

FMCG major Emami entered into the deodorant market in June this year with its male deodorant product called ‘He’. Emami roped in actor Hrithik Roshan as the face of the brand and launched a social media campaign to establish its presence around the brand’s philosophy – Be Interesting’. Playing on the key insight that ‘Normal is boring’, He deodorant’s philosophy is centered on the idea that in life there are two ways of doing things - the boring way or the interesting way.

The opportunity

So, once He had established its presence it was time to engage the fans with a deeper connect to the brand’s message. The brand identified a key insight about its target consumers that today the 18-24 years are most active on social platforms and do not let go of a chance to express themselves. Taking a cue from this, the brand decided to give them real time challenges and thus give them an opportunity to ‘Be Interesting’.

Emami teamed up with WAT Consult digital agency to launch the ‘League of Interesting Men’ – a 21 day challenge where fans had to complete daily challenges while going about in their lives.

The execution

A microsite was created for ‘League of Interesting Men’ with new challenges every day. The challenges could be anything from photo bombing your boss to driving an auto rickshaw to doing a public performance.

Participants had to login through their Facebook id and submit their entries in picture or video format. While the grand prizes included Apple MacBook Air, Xbox Connect and Xiaomi mobile, the ultimate gratification was to become a part of the elite group of men who would represent ‘The League of Interesting Men’.



Meanwhile, Emami engaged its fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ through daily content and also introduced daily consolation prizes.

To maximize the reach of the campaign, the brand connected with Twitter influencers, in addition to media support. These influencers would complete the challenges every day and also add an interesting perspective to each activity. Youth celebrities like Raghu Ram of Roadies fame and popular author Chetan Bhagat also joined in to encourage users to join the League of Interesting Men.

The result

  • The campaign saw huge participation as 13,000+ users visited the site and it got more than 1200+ entries. 60 entries per day saw users completing all the challenges in an interesting manner.
  • 10 million+ impressions gained across platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Daily user interactions ensured that the campaign spread through word of mouth and fans flocked to our social pages.
  • Lastly Emami established that the only way to live life is the interesting way!