5 Major Indian Email Marketing Trending Data For 2016 – Octane Report

In 2016, India Marketers are expecting a considerable impact of Social Media on Email Marketing Campaigns, highlights the Octane Research - State of Online Marketing in India 2016

email marketing trends 2016

India Marketers have realized the potential of Social Media Marketing (66%), Websites (54%) and Email Marketing (53%), and have voted these e-Marketing activities in top three. Search Marketing (52%) and Mobile/SMS Marketing (45%) not left behind, reported a latest study done by Octane Research - State of Online Marketing in India 2016.

The report also highlights that there is a rise in the attention that marketers are giving to the digital space but despite this, approximately 36% of India Marketers are not willing to spend more than 10% of their budget on e-Marketing. “46% of the India Marketers stated that e-Marketing generates 30% or more of revenue for them. This is a slight decline from last year, but 25% of the marketers reported that e-Marketing contributed between 10-30% their revenue.”

The report has been revealed post an active participation from 450+ Indian marketers from 400+ Brands. Apart from the India e-Marketing Trends, the report also highlights the Email Marketing Trending Data.

Listed below are major Email Marketing trending data that are useful for marketers; for a complete data set download the report.

Effectiveness and budget

Email isn’t dead and Indian marketers are well aware. Around 89% of India Marketers voted for Email Marketing to be an effective tool for their business. “We see 10% YoY growth for India Marketers reporting effort of email work,” highlighted the report. However, according to the data chances are there for a slight decrease in the percentage of “Very Effective” and increase in for “Not at all effective”.


To increase the effectiveness marketers have consistently believed that Behavioural Targeting results in a substantial increase in effectiveness of the email. Almost 87% of Respondents believe that Behavioural Targeting is useful in some way.

2016 will also witness a jump of almost 50% of India Marketers who will be increasing their investment by 31%-50% in email channel. The biggest jump in percentage of 42% happens in less than 10% followed by 11-30% of 30%. The good sign is that there is a growing trend of increase in budget % across all segments.


Practices to reduce spam

Email Marketing has been an underdog over the years due to its misuse and not respecting customer/users inbox. In 2013 India ranked second in sending spam emails after US and in 2014 India was among the top 10 sources of spam in February. Email clients have also taken notice, Gmail the most-used email client worldwide and the most-used email client in India (84%), last year introduced ‘block’ and ‘unsubscribe’ features for users to block email Ids and unsubscribe from newsletters with a few clicks.

Marketers have realized the growing frustration among users, hence we see a rise in Increased Personalization and Targeting as the most voted practice to reduce email spam. The other practices are perfecting the title of email (47%), as well as sending at the most appropriate time (i.e. when you are likely to get the most attention from the audience) [43%].


Mobile pushing the growth

It isn’t surprising that the present day users prefer mobile for consuming the content delivered via email campaigns. The shift has been drastic in the last few years, 66% of India Marketers surveyed said that 50% or more of their emails will be opened on mobile devices.


But at the same time mobile also throws a lot of challenges to email marketers, since multiple opening of links is a tough job. “It is proven that mobile applications can capture the attention of the customers for a longer period of time than through, since they can’t switch web pages as easily.”

Impact of social media

Marketers believe that power of social media can also be harnessed in order to drive Email Marketing. “By creating social networks, it’s easy to understand the patterns of your followers, which helps in Behavioural Targeting. Social Media also provides a face and a structure to who you are, which allows for more effective and streamlined marketing strategies.”

In 2016, 53% marketers are considering that social media will give them much needed reach to new markets followed by increase in brand awareness and reputation. Interestingly 30% believe that social media will influence in generating quality leads.


Referring to the Annual Industry Report, Octane marketing director and co-founder Punit Modhgil said, “2015 was the year that digital firmly established in India. With more than 400 million India consumers on the internet now, India CMOs have dialled up their investments in digital marketing. In terms of impact, Indian marketers have recorded Social and Email Marketing to be the top performing online marketing channels.”