Now Have An Elle 18 Shade Named After You Via The #MakeYourOwnShadeContest

Elle 18's new digital campaign '#MakeYourOwnShadeContest' lets girls create their own shades, get votes and have the lipstick or nail enamel named after her


Teenaged girls are always experimenting with their looks, be it with mixing or matching their clothes or changing their hairstyles. Makeup is another area in their lives defined by individual creativity and style statement. Young women often blend different shades of their lipsticks to create an altogether new lip colour to go with their outfit. The same experimentation happens with nail enamels to get their favourite shade.

Now, Elle 18, the vibrant range of colour cosmetics for trendy young girls, by FMCG giant Hindustan Unilever, has announced the ‘Make your own shade’ contest. The digital campaign lets you create your own shades of lipsticks and nail enamels and the brand will select the most voted shade to create an Elle 18 Color Pop or Nail Pop named after the winner!

The ‘Make your own shade’ campaign is being run through a website designed by BC Webwise where a user needs to go to the application, choose few shades from a set of colors and mix and match them to create a new shade and give it a creative name. As can be seen in the image featured above, one can select from different colors and the application will add that color on to the nail or lips, whichever was selected. The hue can be adjusted by sliding on a shade-o-meter.

Once satisfied with the mixed colour, one can choose to submit, else redo the process again. A drop-down list with descriptions like classy, shimmer, glossy, sunshine, hot, lustrous, etc.  makes it easy to name the colour. You need to give your name, email and contact number on submission,

The new shades go to the Make Your Own Shade gallery where the users will have to garner votes for their entry. 6 participants with the highest votes and amazing creation of shades will win the contests. The user-generated shades of lipsticks and nail enamels are shareable on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The digital campaign is being promoted through a short video on YouTube featuring brand ambassador Anushka Sharma flaunting her very own ‘Anushka Pink’ lip colour.

Elle 18’s Facebook and Twitter pages are also promoting the contest with interesting visuals.

elle 18 facebook image

Bonding with the TG

Having a shade named after you, sounds like an interesting proposition for young impressive minds. Elle 18’s ‘Make your own shade’ contest manages to appeal to its target consumer, by giving her this unique opportunity to have a brand product named after her. In terms of execution, the application on the website runs smoothly with no glitches. The design is lively and reflective of a vibrant brand like Elle 18.

However, the website could have enabled a Facebook or Twitter login instead of collecting email ids and contact numbers of participants. Also, the campaign could leverage influential makeup bloggers to help spread the word and reach out further to a relevant target group, in addition to running offline promotions.