Elections 2014: #GetInked, #iSupportNamo, #Vote4Jhaadu, Power of 49 Trend On Twitter

On the day three of elections 2014, Twitter was buzzing with trends such #GetInked, #iSupportNamo, #Vote4AAP, #Vote4Namo,#Vote4Jhaadu, Power of 49 Trend On Twitter


Today April 10, 2014 sees round three of the 16th Lok Sabha elections in the country. Polling is being held today in 91 of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies in 11 states and three union territories. With social networking companies still adding new features to make this election democratic and social, social media is being spammed by inked finger selfies. Twitter and Facebook is seeing the buzz around the ongoing elections.


Proud inked fingers have been doing the rounds on Twitter. While there have been Twitteraties who have been motivating others to get out of Twitter and vote, another bunch has been posting some interesting inked fingers to show that they have done their job. It is difficult to know who started the trend but Times Now has been quite active in using the trend along with other brands like MTV India and others. Some didn’t leave this opportunity to run a selfie contest; show your inked finger and stand a chance to win goodies. Tacky?

The hashtag #GetInked has been trending since the morning on India Twitter Trends; the below tweet seems to sum up the country’s emotion.


Shouldn’t take much of your time to guess what the trend represents. #iSupportNamo started by the Namo supporters or the followers of BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi has been trending for a while on Twitter and shows support for Modi.

#WeWantModi has been a similar trend which represents the same conversation by Namo supporters. Must say a smart move to run parallel similar hashtags to keep capturing the trends constantly.

The below three tweets show support for Modi in the third phase of elections in the country.


Like #iSupportNamo, this trend has also been trending competitively on India Twitter trends since morning. Backed by AAP and Kejriwal supporters the hashtag is all about why someone should vote for AAP during this elections.

#Vote4AAP is also a parallel trend that is being run like #WeWantModi

The below tweets depict the sentiments of AAP supporters who promise to remove corruption from the country.

Power of 49

The keyword “Power of 49” has been trending on Twitter alongside the fan boys of Namo and AAP. Women make up 49% of the population of India and with womens’ security becoming a prime concern in the country, no party can ignore the power of women along with the power of youth. In fact the present manifestos of BJP, AAP and Congress find a special mention for women.

However, according to a survey conducted by Daksh, a Bangalore-based not-for-profit society working to promote governance accountability through providing constituency level data, and the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) found that security and empowerment of women was tenth most important in a list of 30 election issues. The two top election issues, according to the survey, were improving employment opportunities and provision of better roads and drinking water.

While Twitter users are showing support for the keyword, Jaago Re from Tata Tea is also tweeting from its end. The below tweet sums up the power of 49; its high time political parties don’t overlook them and their demands.