Elections 2014: Facebook Adds ‘I’m A Voter’ Button, YouTube Launches India Elections 2014 Page

Facebook launches I'm a Voter button on mobile and YouTube launches a India Elections 2014 Page keeping in mind the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections


We have already seen how social networking giants are doing their bit to make the 16th Lok Sabha Elections social and democratic. Two of our earlier articles provide a complete snapshot on the latest features that have been introduced by the social networking giants in the country like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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There have been a few more additions by Facebook and YouTube keeping the ongoing elections in mind.

Facebook’s ‘I’m a Voter’ button

Facebook, which recently crossed 100 million users in the country, launched a feature for its mobile users in India which allows people to post their voting stories on their Facebook timeline on the polling days of their respective constituencies.

The Election Day message and ‘I’m a Voter’ button will only be visible to voters in regions and constituencies on the day polling takes place in their area. By clicking on the button, people will be able to post a story to their Facebook timeline, sharing with friends that they are voting in this election, states Facebook India.

Facebook I'm a Voter Button

I gave it a try and was shown an option of the ‘I’m a Voter’ button even though Pune is going to have its elections on 17th April 2014. The Facebook button is more or less like the Google’s pledge to vote button. Here Facebook is asking to simply click the button and share with your friends that you are voting this time, Google’s pledge is asking users to show their support by taking a pledge to vote; the page also shows an interactive map which is filling quickly with pledges.

It isn’t a substantial addition by Facebook comparing its earlier disruptive idea keeping the polls in mind – “Candidates 2014 on Facebook Talks Live.”

YouTube’s India Elections 2014 Page

YouTube’s India Elections 2014 page is an extension to Google’s Election Hub. The YouTube page which has already garnered more than a thousand subscribers is a curated list of videos that would provide a one-stop source of news on Indian Elections 2014. The page will also showcase spoof and faux pas videos and all the political controversies during this time.

The page has already created some interesting playlists such as Breaking Now, Go Vote, India, Top Five Stories Now, among others. So if you miss out to catch any live action in the day then this YouTube page comes to your respite.

Besides the page is also showcasing #PledgeToVote videos and other similar videos that are an appeal for Indians to go out and vote.

If you haven’t seen the #PledgeToVote story of India’s first voter, the 97-year-old Shyam Saran Negi, then you are definitely missing out on something.