Elections 2014: Amit Shah’s Revenge Speech, #ModiVision And #BabriSting Trend On Twitter

Twitter is buzzing about Amit Shah's revenge speech in UP, Cobrapost's new sting operation #BabriSting and #ModiVision

Amit Shah Revenge Speech

Amit Shah Revenge Speech

April is the 2014 election month for India. With only days left before the election starts in the country, political controversies are picking up every day. Twitter is the chosen platform these days and the hashtag trending war has moved from brands to political parties. Seeing this we have decided to bring you a daily snapshot of the political trends buzzing on Twitter.

Amit Shah’s revenge speech

BJP General Secretary Amit Shah has stirred up a controversy with his revenge speech during an interaction in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP GS at a meeting with Jat leaders in Raajhar village, 40 km from Muzaffarnagar has called for revenge against those who were ‘protecting’ the killers of Jats.

He said that seeking revenge against those ‘protecting’ the killers of Jats was about protecting ones honour. “This election is about voting out the government that protects and gives compensation to those who killed Jats,” Shah said. “It is about badla (revenge) and protecting izzat (honour).”

Shah further said that under the present Samajwadi Party government in the state, certain communities were rendered ‘second-class citizens’ due to the minority appeasement carried out by Mulayam Singh. BJP is defending the statements made by Shah but other parties have been quick to show the true colors of BJP’s ideology.

Twitter, the platform of expression and controversy is already seeing the buzz around Amit Shah’s statements and the BJP’s support for him.

Curated below are some of the tweets that are making the most buzz on Twitter. With BJP supporters saying that paid media has distorted the statements on Shah, opponents are tweeting about the communal wave the party is trying to entice.

Cobrapost’s new sting operation #BabriSting

Cobrapost, the journalism site famous for its sting operations, has come up with a new sting operation on the truth behind the Babri Masjid demolition. The report named leaders from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, as having conspired to demolish the mosque. With the elections standing right next on the door the timing of the report couldn’t get better than this.

On the other hand BJP alleged that it was “sponsored”, accusing Congress of using “pawns” to vitiate the atmosphere before elections and asked the Election Commission to stop its publication and telecast. Curated below are some of the tweets from #BabriSting that are making the most buzz on Twitter.


The hashtag #ModiVision has been trending from the early part of the day with an intention to spread the vision of Modi who is the PM candidate for BJP in the upcoming elections. The trend isn’t being motivated by an offline controversy but a trend started by the NAMO fan boys.