EBay India Says Its Refurbished Category Is As Good As New In New Digital Film

eBay India has rolled out a long format digital film on what exactly is ‘refurbished’ category, using storytelling. The idea is to establish that refurbished = as good as new

Ever wondered what happens to the goods we buy online and then return. These are professionally restored to working order with little or absolutely no defects and sent back to the supply chain. They aren’t new but they are also not used goods; this category is called refurbished goods.

Many refurbished products like mobile phones, tablets and laptops, furniture, cars, etc. make their way back to the customer at least 30% below market price and with a warranty of the refurbishing company.

As the demand for refurbished goods has grown so much, more and more ecommerce platforms are offering refurbished as a category. In fact, the market for refurbished goods ($15 billion) is more than double the market for new goods ($7 billion).

In a bid to not lose out on this growing opportunity, this August, eBay India started ‘eBay Choices‘, a platform for refurbished products, in partnership with eight refurbishing companies - Greendust, Baobab, i2cworld, MoSwap.in, Sriram Eco-Raksha Computer Services Pvt Ltd, Budli Int. Pvt Ltd and Value Cart.

Close to 10% of products listed on eBay are refurbished and the company expects the number to touch 20% by the end of the year.

Since the launch of eBay Choices, the category has grown from 6,000 listings to over 25,000 listings and has grown by 200 percent over the last two months, reports The Financial Express. The brand has now rolled out an informative digital film on what exactly is ‘refurbished’.

The 2.40 minute film starts with Gattu, a teenager losing his laptop, much to his dad’s anger. As the father is giving him a good earful, we know that Gattu is often losing his belongings, which makes his dad really very upset with him. Soon after, his dad loses his mobile phone, bringing them together in the same boat.

In the next scene, we see Gattu gifting a mobile phone to his dad, while explaining to him it isn’t new so he could afford it. Dad is highly disappointed that his son bought him an old phone to which Gattu explains him - it’s refurbished, so not old either. Gattu explains what is refurbished. In fact, Gattu has also managed to buy himself a refurbished laptop from eBay.

Apparently, eBay wants to capitalize on the festive season in the country; the refurbished category is already witnessing a boost, triggering a need for an educative ad film. As per the company press release, demand for refurbished products has been especially strong from Tier II and III cities of India. Looks like the platform is now targeting Tier I cities with the digital film.

However, for an informative film, I guess the ad takes too long in getting to the point. There’s too much of prior storytelling or backstory involved, though the father-son-mother conversations are adorable. Perhaps, the digital format provides the budgets compared to a television spot of mere 30 or 45 seconds.

eBay India is busy promoting its Diwali sale on its social media properties. It could make use of its social media presence to share the film and spread the idea that “refurbished = as good as new”, if it wants to boost sales this festive season.