eBay India Switches To New Logo

The iconic brand does a log re-design and the Indian counterpart eBay India also does the same. In addition to this it runs a Facebook campaign to promote the re-design.


Founded in 1995, today after 17 years, eBay is one of the notable success stories from the dot-com bubble. The multi-billion dollar business now has operations localized in over thirty countries. The company has now changed its logo to reflect its present image of a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent shopping experience. eBay India, it’s Indian arm, also decided to switch to the new logo as a part of the company’s global transition process. ((Article Source))

The new logo still retains the vibrant colours and the letters keep touching each other, representing the connection and diversity of the brand with its community.  In its new look, the logo portrays a much more toned and clean look. And the messy and overlapped look has been removed.

The Indian arm that connects four million registered users and aids 30,000 sellers through the site annually also has a fan following of 2.1 million on Facebook. So to build the awareness of this historic change, the brand decided to start a Facebook campaign – “We Have Changed”.

“We Have Changed” Facebook Campaign

“We Have Changed” updates you about the new logo and has a smart little app. Once you click on the app and after authentication, the app gives you a glimpse of the new logo. Later on, you can ask the app to create a similar logo for you portraying the eBay style logo.

The app fetches all your social activities specially the pages that you have liked. In other words, the app pulls out all the pages that you have liked and places them in the form of the new eBay logo. The way the app places all the data is worth watching. Once done either you can share it, save it or upload it for future use. In addition to this, every day one lucky winner gets a chance to win an iPad Mini. However, the contest informs that the last date of the contest was 25th Nov but it is still open since I played it today. So go try your luck, you never know when lady luck can smile at you.

Ending Thoughts

The entire restructuring of the brand to keep itself at pace with the new world started with its “Want It. Get It” campaign. The campaign was designed keeping in mind the age bracket of 18 to 40 years since the brand believes that everyone today has the purchasing capacity. And the recent logo change and the awareness drive about the change on social media gels well.

The app designed for the occasion matched the expectations and moreover was interesting. I felt that it was not only a great logo re-design but a great way to spread the word among social media fans. Ultimately it is what the brand believes in also – “You have made us who we are.”