eBay India Celebrates 8th Birthday Bash On Social Media

India's leading online marketplace eBay India carried out a week long celebration on social media to mark its 8th anniversary. The celebrations included heavy discounts, flash sales and fun contests on Facebook and Twitter.


Founded in 2005, eBay India, a 100% subsidiary of eBay.com is the leading online marketplace n India. The portal has completed eight years of operations this March and as is customary at eBay, there is a week long anniversary celebrations complete with exciting contests, giveaways and much more. The celebrations termed as ‘Way too fab’ from the 12 of March to the 19th of March, is seeing an array of activities designed to lure with ultimate discounts, contests and offers. From flash sales, to free shopping  when the clock turns to eight and a screaming contest, eBay India does it all.

The 8th birthday celebrations of eBay India has leveraged social media to create enough buzz through Way too Fab and other activities. Beginning with engagement activities on Facebook and Twitter, the brand has also promoted ‘way too fab’ on its Google Plus page.

Driving the Facebook community

The eBay India Facebook page with its 2.2 million strong fan base created a Facebook Event inviting fans to join in the festivities along with their gang of friends. And soon after continued with a brand new cover photo announcing the birthday celebrations. The event has been updating about the latest in the week long celebrations, in addition to inviting fans to scream their way to fab and win the latest iPad Minis.

Scream your way to fab

A Facebook app ‘Scream your way to Fab’ leads a fan to a specially created microsite for ‘Way too fab’, where you have to scream loudly…yes, you heard it right. The loudest to scream will win an iPad Mini daily. The winners of the past days have been featured on the Facebook app along with their respective scores.

The microsite is accessible only for Facebook  users. It takes your Facebook login and you can begin with your screaming once you allow the app permissions to post the score on your wall and allow access to your microphone too. There is an option to share on your Twitter and Facebook pages too.

Creating buzz on Twitter

Following the Facebook birthday Event page, I came across a Twitter contest as part of the celebrations that used the hashtag #ReasonsToParty. Fans were invited to tweet their reasons for partying with the promise of goodies along with mentioning the eBay India Twitter account. I remember the hashtag did trend on Twitter but I was unaware that it related to eBay’s 8th birthday celebrations.

A day prior, eBay India had taken all of the Twitter world by storm through its #8yearsback hashtag. The brand had asked twitteraties to share how the times have changed and how life was so different eight years back. This too had trended for quite too long given the generic nature of the hashtag and its ability to lend itself to any situation. Most twitteraties jumped in to share their memories from eight years ago but few were aware about the eBay contest.

Could it be a better party?

eBay India did manage a cool party with cool offers and contests for the consumers. Social media was leveraged neatly to drive traffic to the ongoing discounts on the site as  well as to keep the fans engaged with fun contests. The idea of creating a Facebook Event for the birthday and giving away the latest updates on the Event page, helped fans to keep pace with the non-stop celebrations. Especially since content shared on the Facebook timeline does not reach all your fans.

The social media sharing options available on the ‘way too fab’ site also helped to bring in increased visibility. I liked the hashtag used in the Twitter sharing option - #ebayturns8. For one, it immediately makes known that eBay is having its 8th birthday celebrations and  second, it could have saved us from having multiple hashtags for a single event. I’d prefer for them to use #ebayturns8 for their Twitter contests also. This one provides for association of the hashtag with the event, whereas #8yearsback and #ReasonstoParty did not add any value to eBay.

Nevertheless, it was a birthday well celebrated and I’m sure most stuff must have got sold out. Do let us know your views on eBay’s 8th birthday celebrations.