#DontJudgeReboxed, eBay India busts our idea of refurbished goods with witty content

Just in time for the festive season, eBay calls out all Indians to embrace refurbished and enjoy heavy discounts on goods as good as new, via the witty #DontJudgeReboxed

Refurbished. Returned. Reboxed. Call it by any name but the general notion remains the same. Refurbished goods are damaged pieces that have been hastily repaired, ready to be pushed down customers’ throats laced with heavy discounts. People are often wary of buying goods of questionable quality even at deeply discounted pricing. But, refurbished goods are as good as new, and what’s best: they too come with a bill and warranty!

Refurbished goods are in fact goods that were returned by a customer because of software or hardware issues, which are then repaired, quality-tested and re-packaged or ‘reboxed’, as one Indian ecommerce player prefers to call it.

eBay India had launched its refurbished section featuring phones, tablets, laptops and computer peripherals almost two years ago, riding on the growing market demand in the country. Pankaj Ukey, director, seller services, eBay India had shared interesting numbers on the refurbished products market in India - there will be over $12-17 billion worth of products that will be returned by consumers every year, given the ecommerce market estimates to be $115 billion by 2020,  and assuming only a 10-15% return rate.

So, that’s a load of Reboxed inventory to sell off!

And a whole new approach to building awareness about ‘Reboxed’. With other ecommerce players soon to set up shop in the refurbished section, eBay India has rolled out ‘Don’t Judge Reboxed’ – a digital awareness initiative aimed to educate consumers on what exactly is meant by the ‘refurbished’ label, and also boost its ‘The Reboxed sale’.

Besides, it is a play on the brand’s branding campaign, ‘Things Don’t Judge’ launched last year during the festive season, in a move to differentiate itself from the crowd. The objective then was to bust our stereotypical mindsets, while conveying that eBay products don’t judge. Read eBay India #ThingsDontJudge digital marketing campaign.

This festive season, eBay India is asking us to not judge its reboxed products. The idea is to bust our stereotypes around reboxed products. For ‘Don’t Judge Reboxed’ the ecommerce brand has chosen a path that borders around sarcasm and humour to educate consumers.

A 2-minute film titled ‘Never seen before drop tests’ mimics the fun internet videos that can be safely classified as ‘most satisfying’ to watch. Mobile phones are let to explode inside a watermelon, hammered on the floor, smashed inside a mixer, laptops dropped from high above the floor, headsets subjected to extreme fire, and more such over-the-top ideas consumers can think of about damaged goods.

The lead protagonists in the video then go on to describe products that classify as reboxed and why.

A series of short videos (20 seconds) have been rolled out too, to drive home the point. The brand’s social media channels have been creating buzz with these videos and a series of visuals while driving audiences to the ecommerce site’s Reboxed section.

Interestingly, a series of funny memes have been created from the main video.

The creative also spans across festive days, adding a Reboxed twist to the tale.

Content-rich. Witty. Relatable

As the ecommerce economy in India stabilizes, over mergers and acquisitions, even failed mergers and acquisitions and plenty rumours of shutting down business, the going has been tough. Bezos’ continued interest to capture the Indian ecommerce space has resulted into a great run for Amazon India ever since its launch. Amazon India has been quick in bringing in ‘refurbished’ section’ as well as a ‘used goods’ section, while the flipkarts and snapdeals reeled under the pressure, struggling to find breathing space. eBay India opted to merge with Flipkart this year enabling both consumer bases to access a wide variety of products, and also keep Amazon India at bay. This Diwali, Flipkart is rumoured to launch a refurbished section too.

#DontJudgeReboxed is going back to basics, back to the times when ecommerce brands needed to fend off fears associated with online shopping. eBay India, through its video and the series of visuals and gifs, is seeking to associate the terms ‘original, tested, functional, defect-less and warranty’ with Reboxed products, and it has managed to do a good job.

The wit works well, busting our fears while also assuring us that Reboxed is as good as new. But, only the Reboxed sale and time will decide whether India is really ready to buy refurbished products online, a phenomenon that is quite popular in offline stores.