The 25 Coolest #EarthDay Visuals Shared By Indian Brands

A curated list comprising Earth Day visuals shared by brands on social media

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day ever since 1969. Coincidentally, I happened to read that India is going to battle the hottest summer this year. With the country already battling a shortage of water in the last few months especially in Maharashtra, this isn’t a good sign. So, not just today but everyday citizens should demonstrate support for environmental protection and work towards keeping the planet healthy.

Today when most of the activism is done on social media, #EarthDay has been trending from the beginning of the day. From politicians to celebrities to brands, everyone has joined in the conversations on social media, pledging support for making the earth a better place to live.

Like always Lighthouse Insights has curated some interesting visuals shared by brands on social media. And if you come across something interesting we’ve missed out on, then do share them with us in the comments.


eBay India


Godrej Security

HCL Technologies

Greenpeace India

STAR Movies India


Tata Group

Discovery Channel IN


Swachh Bharat Urban

Samsung India

Samsung Mobile India

Peta India


Moto India


Micromax India

OnePlus India

Costa Coffee India




Do you know of any other interesting visuals/gifs shared by brands, then please share them below.