Durex India Now Gets Ranveer To Talk The Rex From Do The Rex

Durex India has launched 'Rex Talk' - a safe sex initiative in association with MTV India and SAI NGO, where brand ambassador Ranveer Singh is urging people to talk Rex

Durex Ranveer

India may be the land of the Kamasutra but talking about sex is taboo. It may have given the world the best positions yet talking about the same is frowned upon. We may have a large number of HIV cases but asking for a condom at a chemist is a nightmare. On one hand, the ancient scriptures promote sex and have connected it with the wellbeing and happiness of mankind, while on the other, we have a plethora of weird dos and don’ts regarding the subject of sex in the country.

Everyone from parents to teachers to society as a whole contributes in the half knowledge of sex education, leading to issues like unwanted pregnancy, societal ostracisation, sexually transmitted diseases and even rape.

In a progressive move, condom brand Durex India is enabling Indians to talk about sex, through its latest campaign ‘Rex Talk’ - a safe sex initiative in association with youth entertainment channel MTV India and SAI NGO that is working to prevent the spread of HIV.

After breaking the ice with its massive ‘Do the Rex’ campaign featuring the ever so outspoken Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh earlier this year, the ‘Rex Talk’ campaign hopes to take the conversations further. The idea is to establish a platform where youngsters can freely ask questions about sex and also add their own opinions.

Brand ambassador Ranveer Singh has given a start to the Rex talks in these two monologue videos. In this two-and-half-minute video titled ‘Chup’, Ranveer points at the hypocrisy in our society regarding sex:

In this similarly long video, he talks about ‘BEEP’ – the quintessential sound of taboo words on media particularly television:

The campaign has launched a talk show called ‘Durex MTV Rex Talk’. Hosted by Vj Anusha, the show is a 2 week bootcamp for 16 contestants divided into 4 teams. The 4 teams will be given tasks around evident social problems – Indians do not talk about sex, Indians are embarrassed to ask for condoms, etc.

Launched on December 1 – World Aids Day, the campaign also saw Durex condoms being sold at Re. 1 each. On the digital front, a dedicated microsite called ‘Rex Talk’ has been created at the MTV India website that features Ranveer’s videos. One can register to take part in the ‘Durex MTV Rex Talk’ or just participate in the movement by tweeting, blogging or making a video.


One can make short videos of 5 minutes on the subject of ‘Sex and India’ and upload it at the site. One can blog on the given three topics and share the link, answer a few questions or tweet on how ‘Sex’ can lose the label of taboo in India.

MTV also conducted a ‘Sexperiment’ to find out how comfortable Indians are in talking about sex. Unsuspecting interviewees were asked to talk about sex for a minute. Hesitant participants responded with laughter, silence or flatly refused to answer the question. Eventually, they open up and start talking freely on the subject and even dole out some sound advice on sex. The 3-minute video has been created by The Glitch.

Social media conversations are being driven using #RexTalk. The Durex India Facebook and Twitter page have been sharing the videos and interesting visuals for the campaign using the campaign hastag.

Let’s Talk Rex

While the earlier ‘Do the Rex’ campaign used Bollywood and dance as a tool to help ease the discomfort around talking about sex, ‘Rex Talk’ is the rightful next leg of the campaign that is aligned to the brand’s objective of getting Indians to talk freely about sex. Associating with a youth entertainment channel like MTV for the bootcamp show will surely trigger more conversations on the topic of sex in the country, especially amongst the youth.

The monologue videos by Ranveer Singh are a direct finger pointing exercise at what’s wrong in our society. Enabling people to participate and voice their opinions is a great start to break the ice. Additionally, it has helped push the idea of ‘Rex’ in an interesting way. For a condom maker that is a global leader in sexual wellbeing, Durex India delivers its brand promise with the new campaign.