Durex India Spreads ‘Say No To HIV’

About Durex India, the Indian arm of the United Kingdom-based Durex brand of condoms, is running a campaign to spread awareness about HIV on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Durex India, the Indian arm of the United Kingdom-based Durex brand of condoms, is running a campaign to spread awareness about HIV on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Durex, the condom brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser, is known for its creative, well-thought-out and out-of-the-box brand campaigns all over the world across media. Recently, on account of World AIDS Day on December 1, it launched its global social media campaign “#1share1condom” where Durex would donate one condom for a piece of information shared by its fans and followers about HIV. It set a target of 2.5 million donations which it has already surpassed. While the aforementioned campaign is a global one, Durex India has a campaign running by the name ‘Say No To HIV’ which is an extension of it.

‘Say No To HIV’ on Social Platforms

The Facebook page of Durex India has a dedicated, fan-gated app for the campaign. Once you like the page you are taken to the app and greeted with the following:

You can pledge your support by clicking on ‘Add Your Inches of Support’ and follow the instructions. Once you are done with it, you get a chance to ‘flaunt your support’ by sharing about it or setting your cover picture with the obvious message.

The content on the Facebook timeline is mainly about the campaign. The mix includes posts which comprise of trivia and tips about HIV and its prevention with a definite call-to-action. Apart from that, it includes videos uploaded on the YouTube channel of Durex India.

According to When Did You Join Twitter, the Twitter account of Durex India was created on November 29, 2021 just before the start of the campaign. The content of the tweets is the same as the Facebook page content apart from occasional retweets from followers promoting the campaign. The official hashtag for the campaign is #BeNegativeSayNo2HIV which is used in most of the tweets along with #1SHARE1CONDOM in some of them.

Durex India has got a decent, branded YouTube channel. There are 8 videos and all of them are associated with HIV awareness. While three of the videos have individuals pledging their support to the campaign, the others are related to their offline campaigns. At the time of writing, the channel had a total of 4743 views with 8 subscribers.

How effective was the campaign?

There is no doubt about Durex’s commitment towards spreading awareness about HIV. A brand that raises the benchmark with every campaign has done a reasonable job with ‘Say No To HIV’. The Facebook page which was formed a week before the campaign garnered fans at a rapid pace once the campaign kicked off. One of the reasons could be the viral features that the app has at every juncture. Plus, the call-to-action (1 share = 1 life saved) in every post might also have helped in spreading the word. The content on the timeline is relevant and informative. The app works without any problems and has a pleasing look to it.

As mentioned above, the Twitter account was also created a couple of days before the start of the campaign and quite rightly there is nothing much to talk about the numbers. The content being the same as on its Facebook page didn’t help the cause either. It seems that it didn’t have a clear strategy with regard to Twitter. At the time of writing it had 49 followers only.

And just like Facebook and Twitter, Durex India joined YouTube right before the campaign launch. The uploaded videos complement the campaign and highlight Durex India’s offline efforts as well. In terms of numbers, the channel has an average viewership of 593 with a single comment. Hopefully, with time and more relevant uploads the average viewership would rise steadily, if not swiftly.

Though Durex India has done remarkably well on Facebook so far it hasn’t even come close to that when it comes to Twitter and YouTube. One of the things that went against it is lack of time to create a formidable presence before the launch of the campaign. Also, it is surprising to know that such a globally, socially-active brand like Durex didn’t have an independent Indian presence.

So have you pledged your support to this campaign yet? What do you think about Durex India’s efforts on the social media front with reference to this campaign?