How A Condom Brand Shattered A Nation’s Stereotypes And Celebrated Great Sex [Case Study]

Case study on Durex India's 'Do The Rex' campaign that featured actor Ranveer Singh in a Bollywood song and dance routine, to trigger a cultural change towards safe sex in the country

Durex Dotherex

The opportunity

Sex plays a fundamental role in our physical and emotional well-being. But, when it comes to sexual well-being, India boasts of a rather conflicted record. On one hand, its history promotes sex and happiness in ancient scriptures; on the other, modern Indian politicians are quick to impose disturbingly archaic views. This issue was brought to global attention after a series of rapes and women being hung resulting in a state minister saying that rape was a social crime and that “sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong”.

Condom brand, Durex believes that a healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone’s to enjoy, and that an experience of great sex is one that lingers on and on. Given the attitude towards sex in the country, Durex saw the importance of elevating the issue to drive responsible conversation and bring about a cultural change.

Durex partnered with DigitasLBI, a global marketing and technology agency to go about with an innovative campaign to get people talking about responsible sex.

The strategy

Partnering with Ranveer Singh, a Bollywood A-Lister loved by people nationwide, Durex aimed to speak to the Indian people about responsible sex through a language they knew would connect with love: Bollywood song and dance hosted on YouTube.

A 2-minute film that asked people to celebrate sex by doing a new dance move called the Rex was launched. #DoTheRex delivered a message about safe and consensual sex packed into a Bollywood song and dance routine. Ranveer Singh used his rapping skills to deliver maximum impact with our audience.

The campaign was delivered via YouTube and activated through a series of tactics that included:

• Activations on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
• A microsite which allowed viewers to record themselves as they #DoTheRex with Ranveer
• Blogger and influencer partnerships
• Digital PR and digital media activations


• Immediately upon posting the #DoTheRex video, conversations started. Without paying for ATL media, a huge audience was reached due to coverage by the mainstream Indian press where over 120 positive sentiment articles were written.

• Within a short time, the YouTube video had been seen over 3 million times, and the YouTube comments conversation was filled with debate from both sides.

• The campaign achieved approximately 200 million impressions. This got the conversation trending on Twitter both nationally in India as well as globally.

• The song was streamed and downloaded over 1.6 million times and the microsite had over 400,000 visits.

• Earned media value was more than 50% of the Durex annual budget and the product sales saw a 100% rise with respect to the previous quarter.

Key lessons

• A celebrity is not an idea, but he/she can be very instrumental in making it work.
• The youth doesn’t shy away from sex, and a bold attempt at a healthy conversation around it, will always be reciprocated with.
• YouTube can be used as a mass medium with the right kind of content for the youth.