1. Food publishers are early winners of Facebook video: The most popular video publisher on Facebook is BuzzFeed Food, which has so far posted over 250 videos to Facebook, offering viewers step-by-step tips on how cook oddball recipes such as double stuffed pizza dogs, bacon-wrapped grilled cheese, and honey-whiskey lemonade, among many other similarly inventive creations.

2. YouTube strikes back: video sharing site is now bigger than cable: YouTube is bigger than cable. Google executives say the site outstrips any single U.S. cable network in the key 18- to 49-year-old demographic, and that’s one of the reasons the tech firm’s stock price went soaring in the aftermath of the earnings call. In the hours that followed it jumped as high as 11 percent above its pre-announcement figure.

3. Mobile touted as the new gold standard for online transactions: Smartphones are being touted as the first global wallet following continued growth in mobile which now accounts for 29 per cent of all online transactions and is on track to reach 80 per cent of the adult population by 2020.

4. Instagram outlaws #curvy hashtag amidst porn concerns: Facebook-owned photo sharing platform Instagram has outlawed use of the hashtag #curvy, originally popularised by those seeking to promote a more rounded view of the female body after it came to be hijacked by porn firms.

5. How Dunkin’ got 2,000 franchisees to watch corporate videos: Glen Schwartz, director of global corporate communications at Dunkin’ Brands, had a real problem on his hands: He needed the company’s 2,000 franchisees to start checking email headquarters would send with important updates on everything from training information to product releases to messages from the CEO. To solve the problem, Dunkin’ has turned to a new method of communication over the past year — high-production videos that ran about two minutes.

6. Where OTT video is going, in 5 charts: Video is going over-the-top, which could be a boon or bust for many in the entertainment industry.While still nascent, the OTT market is rapidly becoming cluttered with a variety of apps and services, from mass-market giants like Netflix to niche networks targeting specific audiences.

7. Nike Short A Guy: Nike has launched “Short A Guy”, a commercial promoting the cross-discipline Gear Up hub on Nike.com. The 90 second commercial follows a boy who’s continually invited to join sports team “short a guy”.

8. Online #BearStare Game Has Fun #DroughtShaming Californians Into Saving Water: It’s no secret that California is suffering from an unprecedented drought. A new online game and accompanying campaign, created by Campbell Ewald for Energy Upgrade California, aims to counter #droughtshaming — the practice of shaming and blankly staring at people wasting water when they shouldn’t be — with the #BearStare. The game is accompanied by a TV spot which features the bear and urges people to seek out information on saving water, as well as avoiding the Bear Stare.

9. This Ad Hilariously Skewers Every Bad Business Cliché Your Coworkers Have Uttered: The fun new spot, made by public relations shop FleishmanHillard in collaboration with YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler, features quick clips of business people saying overused phrases like “ping me” and “let’s talk offline,” which sound especially silly when taken out of context. It draws on a video format made popular in 2011 by the Web series Shit Girls Say.

10. Facebook Testing Watch Later Option For Video Viewing: Facebook is testing a new “Watch Later” button that allows users to flag a video so they can watch it at a later time. The new button was spotted for desktop viewers as a small overlay in the upper right corner.