Annoyed With Dumb Selfies? You Will Love This Therapy Session Of The ‘Dumb Selfie Anonymous’

For Lava Iris X5 promotions, the brand partnered with Culture Machine to create a funny video exploring the dumb side of selfies

Lava dumb selfie

There was a time in the history of new age communication that one’s ‘ASL’ was all that mattered to strike up a conversation. Interests and hobbies soon followed to form a personal identity. But not anymore, now is the age of selfies. Youngsters cannot start their day without sharing a morning #sleepySelfie and then perhaps following it up with a #WorkoutSelfie or a #BreakfastSelfie!

Selfies - that started a rage on the photo-sharing network Instagram - have now invaded all other networks. There’s no way one can avoid having to look at gross selfies in their social feeds. While the selfie phenomenon has spread like a virus, unsuspecting viewers have had eyesores after looking at annoying, silly and absolutely pointless selfies.

But, there’s good news! Domestic handset maker, Lava Mobiles has issued a very funny video in public interest, where it explores the ‘dumb’ side of selfies.

It starts with important statistics on people who have been affected by dumb selfies and ends with a solution to better selfies. It states that every year 29 million people are affected by dumb selfies and that 76.3% women and 98.4% men see selfies before choosing partners. While the impact of this will last for generations, it can be stopped, one selfie at a time.

A better phone is a good place to start.

The 3-minute video features a hypothetical therapy group that calls themselves ‘DSA - Dumb Selfie Anonymous’ holding a session for people addicted to taking dumb selfies. Set within a meeting of this imaginary group, the video has many variants of people confessing their heinous crime of having clicked some really dumb selfies. The duckface selfie, the foot selfie, the sad face selfie and more pointless selfies.

The ‘Dumb Selfie Anonymous’ concept is a highly fictitious yet extremely relatable concept for all of us, but a cool promotional tool for Lava too. The video has been created by Culture Machine, a digital video entertainment company for the Lava Iris X5, the handset maker’s selfie focussed smartphone.

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The Lava Iris X5 phone sports a 5MP BSI+ auto focus front camera with LED flash for low-light selfies and a wide-viewing angle shot that allows users to capture pictures up to 84degree with the front camera.