Drive With MTV, India’s First Social Roadtrip

An article on what is Drive With MTV and how it is India's First Social Roadtrip and could be a global campaign

What are you doing this summer, watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and thinking - what a life these Bollywood stars have! Or would you stand up and say I want to have an adventurous trip too. Now let me take your imaginations one step further and ask you what if your whole journey is streamed digitally and your winning chances are driven by the engagement you drive on social media. And above all you could win a Tata Nano for yourself. I am not kidding, this summer MTV and Tata Nano are going to create history by organizing India’s first 21 day social road trip called “Drive With MTV.”

drive with mtv contest

So, what is ‘Drive With MTV’ all about?

So if you can drive and crave for long drives, then this a trip that should not be missed and mind it, is not going to be another Roadies. A total of 16 interesting people would be selected and if you want to be one of them then click here. As a traveller, you will have to share your story of a favourite trip or may be your dream destination. You can record this story on Youtube and submit or share as a presentation or a blog post, etc.  MTV wants it in any media form but make haste since you have just 10 days remaining to apply.

I also spoke to Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Digital Head at MTV India to understand the need of having a social road trip and the other fun part involved in this trip.

On a TV you normally have a weekly show but we wanted to do more than that and we also wanted to increase the quotient of a road trip. So making it a social trip was the way forward. 4 teams would be formed out of 16 participants and each team would be provided a Nano and Rs. 50,000, courtesy Ebay our partner.

Doesn’t that sound exiting that in 21 days you will have to travel 2500 kms. with a limited budget and every trip will also reveal the next venue? Along with each team, a VJ would also be part of the trip for supporting and helping the team.

The exciting thing apart from the road trip is that the trip will bring in real social elements. So apart from posting content on social media sites and posting videos, participants can engage with people at the destinations they are travelling. For example, if a team from south is travelling to Chandigarh and let’s say Nikhil Chinappa is their VJ, then I am sure the city of Chandigarh will have many eager fans who might just give the team food and shelter. This will not only increase the social quotient of the trip but also save the team’s money, that is already surviving on a stiff budget.

The road trip will end up with one team as the winner who will get a Nano to take home and along with that they get a chance to select one big fan who had really helped them. The fan will also get lucky by taking a Nano home. Winners would be decided on the tasks performed and also on the social media engagement score. In other words, MTV would be accumulating all the likes, comments, video views, etc. and allocating numbers to it and the team with maximum numbers will win.

How unique is it?

Nano Drive is definitely a unique idea and a smart execution in today’s times. Besides being India’s first 21 day social road trip, ‘Drive With MTV’ will also test your social quotient. But then is this unique? In India it is, but globally it has been tested by few major brands like Ford and Nissan. Ford did a similar road trip in 2010, known as “American Journey 2.0”. It was a week-long trip across the country powered with social media and interesting apps. Nissan tried a similar campaign in 2011 but was much more social compared to Ford. The campaign was designed to make people talk about its new model 2012 NissanVersa by engaging its fans via social media. site was connected via Facebook connect, users were asked to create their roadtrips inviting three Facebook friends. Then the users were asked to submit their online trips to Nissan and convince them why their online trip should be made into a real one.

“Drive With MTV” is definitely taking the social factor miles ahead by involving loads of exciting factors, gaming mechanisms and bringing in a lot of social and digital aspects. So it has the potential to be a global campaign.

The one thing I am really excited to keep a keen eye on is the response of fans as this trip would be solely driven by the digital medium. Hopefully, this should create a benchmark in the industry and I am sure we will find a lot of players trying their hand on this kind of engagement with fans.

Are you excited to be a part of the Nano Drive or you wish to dream before the idiot box?