Dove Rescues You From Split Ends

About the social media campaigns including a blogging contest and a fun Facebook contest by dove to create buzz for its new Rescue split ends shampoo


Thanks to my genes, I have never suffered from split-ends, but this new shampoo by Dove could be a boon for those who do. Beauty brand Dove has launched a new product that takes cares of split ends by working on the deepest level of your hair. The ‘Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo’ that promises to reduce split-ends with its fiber actives, is being promoted through a variety of exciting campaigns.

Dove has partnered with Indiblogger, an Indian bloggers community  to involve bloggers and start conversations about the new product, through a blogging contest entitled ‘Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids’! The contest invites bloggers to share a story about the beautiful braids they had once upon a time and how they got beautiful ends to their braids once again. The contest only demands for creativity and not the actual use of the shampoo.

dove blogging contest

As with all blogging contests at Indiblogger, this contest has cool prizes too – the grand prize is a HP Ultrabook and there are 2 Nikon digital SLR cameras and 100 Spa vouchers worth Rs. 1200 for the other winners, in addition to getting featured on Femina and iDiva.

With an appealing topic and great incentives, entries have already begun to pour in.

Driving the blogging community to Facebook

Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids! The blogging contest not only has a cool topic and prizes, it is also being promoted in a smart manner. All blogger entries need to have a link to the product page on Dove’s website, which in turn incorporates the Facebook social plugin. Conversations entered here will also be posted on the Facebook walls of the commentators enabling increased visibility.

Bloggers have also been invited to a Facebook application ‘Never split ever’ where one can send friendship postcards to her friends on Facebook. The idea is to convey that you will be friends forever along with a chance to win exciting vouchers worth Rs. 1000 or hair styling kits.


Once you click ‘get started’, you are shown a choice of 5 different postcard designs and a sample featuring the first friend on your Facebook friends list. Select the friend and the design you like to send your postcard. The app will then ask for your contact details like mobile number and address, so Dove could contact you in case you are the lucky winner.

How good is it?

Split-ends are worse than having dandruff and women are often embarrassed about this condition. Associating split-ends with beautiful ends to beautiful braids and getting bloggers to create stories around that, is a smart idea. A product catering to women needs to have exciting stories woven around it, and the blogging contest serves just that!

But, best of all was the integration of the product link on the website and the Facebook application. These additions will not only help the bloggers promote the product through their stories, but also connect with the brand on Facebook. However, I fail to understand why personal details are needed at the time of participation in the Facebook app. It seems to be another ‘data collection exercise’ under the guise of free vouchers and goodies!

Dove has been known for its campaigns around real women and real beauty, even before the advent of social media. As an extension to this approach, the brand has had a bevy of blogging contests indulging in conversations about a new product launch. For its new hair fall rescue treatment, Dove had created the ‘Secret Diaries‘ where real women shared their experiences with the product.

Anyways, all is well if the product sells well and manages to create the maximum buzz with the simple strategies executed. What do you think?