Dove Celebrates Real Beauty Once Again With #DoveSelfie

Dove has launched a month-long selfie campaign on social media, inviting women to post their selfies using hashtag #DoveSelfie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Selfies are the new flavour on social media. Selfies are back this year, thanks to talk show host Ellen Degeneres. After being declared as the international Word of the Year for 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries last November, ‘Selfie’ made big news at the recent Oscars, when a group selfie taken spontaneously at the Academy Awards starring Ellen and popular Hollywood stars was shared on Twitter.

It was retweeted 1.1 million times within just half an hour, and now stands at 3.7 million retweets with over 1.9 million favourites. The group selfie even triggered another celebrity studded group selfie back home. Actress and anchor Mandira Bedi posted a group selfie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kunal Kohli among others on Twitter, a little after the Oscars, causing much hype around the word ‘selfie’. This also triggered a new contest around Selfie and woman’s day.

Celebrating real beauty with selfies

Leveraging the selfie fever, beauty brand, Dove has launched the #DoveSelfie contest on social media, a month-long theme-based campaign. Women have been invited to play with their hair, take a selfie of their best hairstyle as per the theme of the day and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DoveSelfie. One can also upload selfies multiple times depending on the theme each day.

While the grand prize is a pass to an exclusive event by Dove, there are daily prizes of exclusive styling kits and brand hampers.

The ‘Dove Selfie’ app on the Dove Facebook page has been created for the same. On International Women’s Day March 8, 2014,  Dove also ran the hashtag as a promoted trend on Twitter.

In search of ‘real beauty’

Dove made news when the beauty brand steered clear of all beauty perceptions and stereotypes around 10 years ago with the launch of the ‘Campaign for real beauty’. Lauded and remembered even today as the pioneers for going against media perceptions of perfect beauty, the brand set a benchmark in the beauty industry. It wasn’t about the perfect size or shape or colour anymore; it was about celebrating real beauty in every woman.

This was followed by another powerful campaign ‘Dove Real Beauty sketches‘ to emphasize real beauty in April 2013. The brand conducted an experiment that explored how women viewed their own beauty in contrast to what others saw. In the experiment, women meet a criminal sketch artist who draws two pictures of them. The first is how they describe themselves, and the second is how a stranger they just met describes them. Telling women, “You are more beautiful than you think“, the campaign sought to break hardcore perceptions of beauty, in their consumers’ minds.

The #DoveSelfie campaign, apart from cashing in on the craze for selfies, has also helped the brand emphasize on real beauty, this Women’s Day. Telling women to “Shed your inhibitions. Take a Selfie and show the world how beautiful you are” is another message put out by the beauty brand, to empower women and help them celebrate their ‘real beauty’.

A brilliant concept in marketing to women yet again, one that also stands out in the cluttered FMCG beauty category.