Dolby India Rolls Out A Hilarious ‘Mockumentary’ To Educate About Its Superior Sound Quality

Dolby India's mockumentary style TVC with this funny story on dad and son, wants to educate Indians about its superior sound quality

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Mumbai for a promotional tech event and feel how Dolby Atmos sound technology changes an entire story. Today most of the big blockbuster movies whether it be Bahubali, Bajrangi Bhajijaan or the yet to be released period drama movie Bajirao Mastani all are being powered by the 3-D surround sound.

Dolby India, the Indian arm behind the technology that has revolutionized cinematic experience by making surround sound better, wants to take it further from cinema screen. Though cinema is the main focus for Dolby Technology India, the company is also rapidly expanding into mobile devices, broadcast media, DTH and video conferencing market (jointly with British Telecom) in India with its new sound technology.

The American company has tied up with 34 channels and DTH operators such as Tata Sky, Hathway, and Airtel in India. “Lenovo has lined up launches of smart phones with the Dolby Atmos technology in India,” informed Ashim Mathur, Director, Marketing, Dolby Technology India.

To take it to the masses and make the common man understand the brilliance the company is offering, it has rolled out a new TV campaign in ‘mockumentary’ format. The objective of the campaign is primarily to educate the customer while not being too preachy. For this the brand has chosen a tongue-in cheek story telling documentary style to implant its thoughts.

“Our campaign ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hai Kya?’ is aimed at building awareness for quality audio in home entertainment and also to educate consumers on how they can unlock the full potential of HD broadcast and bring home the cinematic experience,” Ashim added.

Written and directed by Supari Studios, the 100-second video – ‘Ghar pe Dolby hai kya?’ starts with a proud father boasting in front of the camera that he has discovered a new audio technology after he trains his son for extra sound effects. We see a little kid Mono (trying to convey how sound journey began in most Indian families) who starts giving sound effects to every action that happens on TV.

Genius dad seeing this skill of his son, starts training him to the point where Mono becomes the surround sound in the house while his parents are watching TV. Before the dad could boast more about his new discovery, the crew member asks, don’t you have Dolby in your house. The video ends with a Dolby experience while the family is sitting and enjoying the TV at their comfort.

Other than sharing the video on its social media profiles, the brand is yet to do anything substantial on digital.

Humour is the quickest way to make an impression but at the same time it is a tricky thing. A hilarious joke to one could be of severe offense to another. The art of using humor is finding the right balance in brand communications this year, a trend all through 2015. Here is how brands like Colors TV, RCB IPL team, MobiKwik, among others used humor effectively while connecting with customers.

Dolby India does an effective job by sticking to tongue-in-cheek content to educate the customer about its sound technology. Humor, if done right, can really help brands reflect their cool personality and Dolby India has just done that in ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hai Kya?’