Watching television in India is a family affair with members often sharing a common love for some programs. And when they grow apart, it is this shared love for their favourite TV shows that drives the conversation. We often end up reminiscing how we watched our favourite shows together. The thought has led to a campaign idea.

Now you can be in any part of the world and still watch TV together. DittoTV, India’s first OTT TV platform that offers live TV and videos on all Internet-enabled devices, is bringing alive the essence of television watching in its new campaign ‘TV Buddy’. It throws light on the Indian TV viewing habit that even if they are separated by geographies, Indians always like to watch the same TV content together and sometimes even discuss and share it.

An ad film conceptualized by Scarecrow Communications and directed by Bosco Bhandarkar of Good Morning Films has been launched for the campaign. It showcases various TV Buddies – a mom, a dad, a good friend, a partner, and so on living in different parts of the world.

A mother in Mumbai connects with her daughter in New York, an investment banker in Mumbai connects with his sister in Chennai, two old friends watching a football match at two different places, two action movie buffs catching up on the latest Hollywood blockbuster even as one is getting ready to board a flight. While in different time zones, they are still connected via their favourite shows on Ditto TV. It ends with the voice over saying, “Akele TV kaun dekhta hai yaar.”


Ditto TV is leveraging its social media pages to spread the word. There’s also a selfie contest at play. The Facebook and Twitter pages are asking people to watch the new ad and share their selfie with the ad.

For Indian TV viewers

Digital consumption may be on the rise, but watching television never goes off style with most TV shows and matches now available on livestreaming TV, VoD apps that you can play on any device. Indians do love to watch their favourite TV shows together and also discuss about the plot. The new ad film is based on this powerful insight about Indian television viewers.

While other app-based television and live video show providers are promoting their ‘anytime TV’ feature and the fact that you can watch it all alone in your personal space, Ditto TV takes a potshot at them with its challenging message “Akele TV kaun dekhta hai yaar.” This in itself could be the game changer for Ditto TV, but the campaign would need an aggressive push on digital if it seeks to appeal to real TV buddies.

Moreover the selfie campaign can be done away with. Fans can be engaged by asking them to tag their TV buddies and share about their favourite movies and TV shows. The #TVBuddy concept could be further enhanced if Ditto TV offers one free subscription for your TV Buddy!