How FoxyMoron’s innovative digital storytelling helped boost engagement & viewership for Discovery India’s River Monsters

Case study by FoxyMoron for Discovery Channel India's River Monsters show aimed to increase viiews and social engagement. submitted under the category: 'Best Tech Innovation' for LI Digital Awards 2017


The Client

Since 1985, Discovery has been a channel that puts you right in the centre of all extravagant experiences. Experiences that redefine human existence and makes men and women push their limits beyond the expected. It’s not just about seeking adventure, but also about all the places unexplored, the beasts untamed and technology unrivaled brought exclusively to your television sets every single day through the lens of one of the most dynamic networks on television.

The Agency

FoxyMoron Media Solutions pvt. ltd. is a full service digital agency that focuses on various verticals. We pride ourselves in creating, developing and executing world-class campaigns via service offerings such as: social media marketing, website design & development, online/mobile games & application design and development, audio visual content development, SEO, SEM, online reputation management, media buying and planning, design development and public relations

Problem Statement

The client wished to showcase different aspects of their show – River Monsters and go beyond character building and more into story telling. The audience watches the show for its grit and Jeremy’s heroics.

The usual posts on the page would involve posting an image of the show with a tune in to find out more about it. While this created intrigue, it left a lot to imagination. The people liked the images but the engagement and shares were low.

Identified Objectives

  • Focus the technology innovations on storytelling
  • Increase shares and engagement on the posts
  • Look for a lot of organic reach
  • Understand the metrics in terms of 360⁰ vs normal posts
  • Drive people to view the show on TV
  • Provide knowledge and information in a manner where the audience isn’t overloaded

The Strategy/Execution

Through the various creatives and the video, we focused on meeting our objectives and solving the problems faced by the client. The idea was to introduce the audience to innovative visuals and create awareness about the new show.

1) Deceptive River Monsters

The strategy here was to showcase fish that would generally be regarded as harmless or cute, but they are dangerous. Some are even poisonous. We did not make this an infographic or provided the information through 10 different posts. We incorporated it in one and showcased that altogether.

Now, this would lead them to watch the shows as all the fish shown were going to be showcased in the upcoming shows. The audience would be keen to know what exactly these cute fish are capable of. The story begins here but ends on the television show itself.

2) Wall of Extinction

We wanted to show and educate people about the fish that have gone extinct over the years or have evolved into other species. The Mega-Piranha was a favourite with the people and the audience sentiment clearly showcased that they were pleased to find out about these extinct ‘River Monsters’.

3) Dynocube

Basic trailers were doing very well with our audience on the page so we decided to give the audience something they haven’t looked at before. It wasn’t just a 360⁰ video which a lot of brands were doing; but this was 6 different trailers of Jeremy in action for our audience. These were cut and made in a manner where they are highly action packed and Jeremy can be seen catching the fish.

This then leads to a tune in to the show because people would like to know more about the catch and the TV show is where that information will be provided. This was the world’s first Dynocube. The video was targeted for people catered to both sects of audience – one who thrive on story and knowledge and the other who thrive on action packed adventure series.

4) Research is gold

The most important part of Jeremy’s journey is the research. A lot of his story depends on the stories that happened before his arrival. We encapsulated this in a 360⁰ creative to show how important research is for Jeremy and he doesn’t just dive in and film his shows. The creative highlighted the fact that Jeremy was not just a dare devil driven by passion but he used research and instinct to guide him through. The audience being avid watchers were curious about this and we provided them with glimpses of that research.


The posts saw tremendous reach and engagement on the posts. Even before promoting the posts, the organic reach was almost 2x for the 360⁰ creatives and a 7x jump for the dynocube.

The Deceptive fish 360⁰ creative reached 7x on organic reach with 3800+ shares. It was unprecedented for the brand page and all our objectives were met.


  • The 360⁰ creatives and the dynocube performed the best. These innovative content pieces led to a high engagement rate
  • Dynocubes are interactive and if their idea and storytelling is right, even without many shares organic reach can be achieved.
  • The audience likes interactive posts that tell a story and are not awfully branded or basic in nature.
  • You can choose to create curiosity with the posts and make a pay off with your business goal which in this case was views of the show on TV.
  • This also saw more than 2000 people register for reminders for the show on their phones and used our microsite for the same.
  • The show viewership also increased and throughout the campaign, these innovations were complemented by posts which saw our objectives being met and the brand page being lifted.