Discover Hong Kong Through Durjoy Datta’s ‘Hold My Hand’

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is promoting the city by way of a romantic novel "Hold My hand" by Durjoy Datta, which describes the city through a blind girl living in hong Kong for two years

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is promoting the city through a novel. Yes, you heard that right! As shared in this AFAQS story, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has launched a special campaign called “Hold My Hand”, which is a romantic novel by the same name, by 26-year old bestselling author, Durjoy Datta. Datta has penned 7 romantic novels, including ‘Hold my hand’ that have been runaway bestsellers in the Indian fiction genre.

Released last month, “Hold My Hand” is a story about Deep, a young Indian who travels to Hong Kong for studies and falls in love with Ahaana, who has been there for the last two years. Though blind since the age of five, Ahaana has been around the city with her father or a guide and has marked the places through their smells and sounds. She takes Deep around the city and shows him different places, which she herself has never seen but can recognize from her senses.

The reader is bound to get acquainted with the sights and smells of Hong Kong from Ahana’s vivid description, and that is the premise of this campaign.

The campaign is also targeting young couples in many creative ways. Apart from tie-ups with coffee chain Barista Lavazza, the tourism board will also run a short film contest in association with Whistling Woods, that will invite film students to produce short films on “Hold My Hand”. These will then be made available through YouTube. Social media is being leveraged too.

“Hold My Hand’ has a Facebook page with more than 10K fans. The page shares snippets from the novel, as well as the whereabouts of the author. Durjoy started off by sharing the cover page and chapter paragraphs prior to the book being published and later has engaged fans by sharing the various ‘meet the author’ promotions, all the while sharing bits and pieces of his own life. He also shares pictures from his Hong Kong visit, shared at the Facebook page of ‘Discover Hong Kong‘.

Hold My Hand is a clever and innovative proposition to promote the city, as opposed to creating a travel guide that is both expensive and just another glossy photoshopped venture to attract the wary young traveler.